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Tips To Remodel A More Functional Laundry Room

Your laundry room is a vital part of your home; essential for finishing off your weekly chores, getting school uniforms ready for a busy week, and making sure you’ve got enough clothes to see you through the week.

Because your laundry room is such a bustling hub of activity, you want to make sure that it’s a functional and productive space, which can be easy to achieve with a quick remodeling project.

No matter how much space you have to play with, you can create a more functional laundry room by following a few simple steps. Keep on reading to find out what they are…

Plan Your Layout

The key to any successful remodeling project all lies in creating a realistic and detailed plan to begin with.

Designing your laundry room should not all come down to chance and, instead it should be planned with careful consideration.

Lining up where all your appliances are going to be placed, ensuring you have enough space to load up your washing machine, fold clean clothes, or even hang items out to dry, are all important aspects that any good laundry room should include.

This is an especially important part if you only have a small laundry room to play around with, you’ll need to maximise floor space while including all of the necessary appliances, so thorough planning is always very much-needed.

Measure Your Appliances

Whether you’re buying brand new appliance and furniture, or reusing the current pieces you already have, if you want to properly make the most out of your space, you should measure all your appliances to settle on the best way to organise them.

By measuring your appliances before placing them in your laundry room, you can make sure that you’ve chosen the optimal layout, while creating enough space for you to get all your chores completed.

You should also consider the size of each appliance in relation to the space. For example, your washing machine may be a certain size, but you also have to think about having space to open the door and load all your washing into it, which may not be possible if you place all your appliances too closely together.

Determine Your Plumbing and Electrical Needs

Without electricity to power your appliances and water to fill up your washing machine, it will be next to impossible to get all of your clothes washed and dried. 

To boost your productivity and ensure that different appliances can be used simultaneously, you should assess the plumbing and electrical needs of your laundry room.

You should think about the amount of outlets you need to service all your appliances and if your appliances are placed in positions where they can easily be connected to the mains electricity.

If you do find that you need more outlets, or need more plumbing facilities that you currently have, this should all be sorted before you start buying your appliances and planning the layout of your space.

Choose a Flooring Option

The next consideration, which many people may underestimate, is the importance of choosing the right flooring option for your laundry room.

It takes a specific type of flooring for use in the laundry room; a carpet is normally no good as you’re constantly dealing with wet clothes, similarly slippery floors are not ideal as laundry rooms are prone to wetness which can cause a potential hazard if you’re constantly running in and out.

Make Electrical Outlets More Accessible

Having lots of electrical outlets in your laundry room is always a good idea as you will often need plenty of outlets for the appliances, as well as other equipment like irons, steamers, etc.

Placing your outlets in areas of the room where they are easily accessible and not obstructing any of your work is important, but you should also be careful to not place them in any area where they could potentially get splashed by water.

Because there are so many electrical items in a laundry room, the last thing you would want is to get water on your electrics.

Install Plenty of Lighting and Storage Space

There is nothing more functional than a laundry room with a lot of storage and lighting, so make sure you have got everything you need to brighten up your room and make it easier to complete all your tasks, whatever the time of day.

Whether you’re doing an evening load of laundry or quickly drying your clothes ready for a busy day at work, having plenty of overhead lighting will help you see everything you need.

You should also consider installing some storage solutions to make it easier to store clean and dirty clothes. Have separate drawers to keep lights, darks, clean and dirty clothes away from each other while they are waiting to be washed or put away.

If you don’t have much space to play with, you can easily be creative with your storage solutions and find innovative ways to maximise the space you have.

Also, don’t forget about all the cleaning supplies like detergent, fabric softener, or spare parts that you will be constantly reaching for. Put these items in areas that are visible or easy to reach when you’re quickly trying to put a load of laundry on.

Leaving Laundry Chaos Behind

If you want to leave behind the laundry chaos and transform your current space into a functional and productive place, it’s easy to remodel your laundry room into a stress-free area to get all your chores done.

By planning out the layout beforehand, ensuring you have enough electrical sockets for all your appliances, and finishing everything off with efficient lighting and storage solutions, you can easily make a space where your weekly tasks don’t feel as much of a chore.

If you’d like to optimise your home and transform it into a place that works for you and your family, visit our website to find out more about how Watara Homes can help you create your dream home.



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