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Importance of Packaging Design in Branding

Role of Packaging in Branding

Packaging is more than just protecting a product. In fact, it is as important as the brand itself. Today, marketers pay immense attention to the visual identity of a brand. They want it to be consistent everywhere. From the website design to the social media pages, storefront design, business cards and packaging design, they strive to achieve uniformity across all their marketing collateral. If your product packaging is attention grabbing, people who are already familiar with your brand will identify it right away.

In a survey conducted by WestRock, 66% of consumers said they had tried a new product because of the packaging. Also, 52% of online shoppers said they would shop again from a business if it included premium packaging. In fact, your packaging design can be the difference between a disappointed customer and a loyal advocate. Even a simple cardboard box can become a powerful communication channel. 

Put yourself in a customer’s shoes. For example, let’s assume you’re picking up a bottle of wine. Irrespective of your knowledge about the spirit, you’re automatically drawn to the bottles that have the most interesting labels, right? It becomes your first point of contact with the brand. 

Benefits of Packaging Design

When a customer walks down the aisle in a supermarket, they’re spoiled for choice. They take only 8-10 seconds to decide which product they want to buy. If there’s one thing that lures them the most, it is the product packaging. If the label has an alluring design with suitable facts and information, it influences the consumer’s buying decision. While eye-catching design enhances sales, packaging also has a functional role to play. It keeps the products safe, helps in efficient transportation from point A to B and presents the products in a presentable manner to the end user.

Other benefits of packaging design include:

  • Creates an Unboxing Experience

In today’s social media age, customers value experience as much as the product itself. If the product packaging is attractive, consumers tend to take pictures of it and share it on their personal social media accounts. When their followers see it, they too may be tempted to try the product out. That’s the impact it creates. Also, in the world of influencer marketing, packaging design is of utmost importance. You may have noticed influencers and YouTubers taking videos of them unboxing a product. Every part of this unboxing journey creates brand recognition. 

In fact, certain brands even go an extra mile by personalising the product for the recipient. Adding the initials, name or monogram are a few ways in which they create a tailored brand experience through packaging design.

  • Provides Information

Since products can’t speak, packaging design is what bridges the gap between the product and the customer. Think of it as the tongue of the product. It provides the customer with all the vital information of a product. A customer is first attracted by the physical appearance of a product. Next, they want to know what’s inside the package. In the case of a food product, they’re curious to know what the ingredients are, and the other usage information about it. If the packaging or label entails all the basic information a customer is looking for, they will definitely purchase the product. 

  • Helps in Differentiation 

Packaging is an important aspect of marketing and branding. A unique packaging design helps a brand differentiate a product from their competitors who also sell the same product. It also leads to higher sales as visibility and credibility rises. In order to differentiate products, make sure you make the logo minimal and use a colour combination distinctive to your brand. With this, your customers will be able to recognise your products from anywhere. For example, Pringles is one such brand that has a unique packaging design. Owing to the unique shape of their packaging, their colour combination and logo, it can be recognised even from a distance. 

  • Highlights Brand Initiatives

Packaging design is not just about looks, it’s also what it stands for. Today’s consumers are eco-conscious shoppers. They want to know what a brand is passionate about and their values. It often starts with the product packaging. When a brand uses different materials, inks and sustainable initiatives to create their packaging design, customers are more eager to try the product out. After all, if it’s good for the environment, it may be good for the customers too. If you communicate this on your product label, customers will tend to identify with your brand better. Maintaining a clear business narrative will help customers stay informed and they too might connect with your brand on a more personal level. 

Now that you know the benefits of packaging design, let us understand how small businesses can use product packaging as a branding tool.

How Small Businesses Can Use It?

Many small businesses often settle for generic packaging due to budget constraints. However, ordinary packaging isn’t going to make your brand stand out. If your product with mundane packaging is kept on the shelf of a retail outlet beside another product that is attractively packed, which do you think the customer would pick? It’s obviously the one that is packaged well. 

In fact, small businesses should use packaging design to their advantage and as a branding tool. It can create an excellent first impression, and it will make users immediately pick your products instead of your competitors. Customised packaging is crucial for a small business. When you’re new in the market, not many people know about your brand. The only way to make a mark is through your packaging. Of course, your product too needs to be good. However, consider product packaging as your brand ambassador. It tells your brand story right off the bat. 

Many small businesses that were founded during the pandemic, even attach a small insert in their packaging to let people know about their brand story. Sky’s the limit when it comes to product packaging and design. To learn more about packaging and printing, visit



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