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Top Storage Units Secrets You’re Missing

In the current economy, affordable housing is no more than a myth. With the national inflation rate going up at a steady pace, prices keep going up. As a result, more and more people are finding it harder to afford rent and maintain their lifestyle. With household groceries costs having increased by over $700 over the past two years, many Indiana residents are struggling to keep up with the financial constraints. In Camby, IN, people have begun to opt for one option: swapping out their apartments for smaller, cheaper accommodations, with many people even resorting to living in their cars! However, one disadvantage of this seemingly great solution is that a smaller house means less space. The answer to this conundrum is simple – storage units! 

Storage units are a great facility. They offer a clean, convenient, and safe option for storing your belongings. Whether you’re a victim of inflation, need to downsize your accommodation, or are simply moving out of the city for an undefined period, a storage unit is your best option. Not only are storage units cheap and safe, but they are also accessible if you need to take something out. Read on to discover some secrets ahead!  

Finding your Right Fit

There is no shortage of options for self-storage units in Camby; the main thing is you must know where to look. Start by carrying out a basic online search. Try searching for Camby IN storage units to get the best results. It will help you start the process and get a bird’s eye view of the options available to eliminate the unsuitable ones. This step is crucial as it will allow you to assess most amenities, which may help you make a more informed decision regarding quality and money.

‘Pallet-up’ your Unit

You must remember that storage units are a shared facility, and the adjoining units can be owned by anyone and used to store absolutely anything. And it may be a problem if, say, the owner of a neighboring unit uses their unit to store perishables. If that specific unit’s contents rot, the remains may leak into your unit. The result? Your belongings may suffer without anyone even opening your unit. Even otherwise, suppose your city sees an unprecedented amount of rainfall which leads to minor urban flooding. If the standing rainwater seeps into your unit, it can destroy your valuable items. The way to avoid such an incident is the holy grail of storage unit users. Always use pallets or another form of solid foundation to lay all over the floor of your storage unit. This will safeguard your belongings from any preventable damage!

Labels are your Best Friend

Packing things up for storage is exhausting, but what’s even worse? Unpacking all your boxes and undoing all your hard work because you can’t find one specific item you need. This is a more common problem than you realize. More often than not, we pack up or get rid of things we haven’t used in years, only to have the need arise just a short while later suddenly. It’s just the way the universe works! To avoid having to go through the painstaking process of unpacking and repacking all your stuff, invest your time and energy into labeling. Even better, use a notebook or diary to make an item-wise index for each labeled box. This may seem like a lot of work, but honestly, when you want something from your storage unit, and everything is nicely and neatly labeled and organized, you will feel overwhelmed!

Trust in your own Locks

Yes, storage units are relatively safe, but you can never be too careful with your belongings. The first thing to do as soon as you get your storage unit is to replace the locks with new ones. You don’t know who the unit belonged to before or who else may have copies of the existing lock’s keys. With a new lock, you can sleep better at night, knowing that nobody can access your storage unit except for you. While you’re at it, might we recommend getting a disc lock? The added security, which comes with a disc lock, will be worth the slight price difference! 

Invest in Climate-Control

Many storage unit facilities offer the option of climate-controlled units. You may think you don’t need temperature control and only view it as an added cost, but you’d be wise to think again. Climate control is not just a wish wash used by companies to extract more money but is actually a very useful feature for storage units. With control over the unit’s internal temperature despite the changing weather outside, you can ensure that your belongings stay protected against rust, heat, and cold. This is especially useful if you store furniture or sensitive items such as books. We recommend paying the added cost for your belongings’ safety and your own peace of mind.

Must get Clingy

Don’t worry; we don’t mean for you actually to get ‘clingy’ with your storage unit. A little distance is always a good thing (and the whole point of a storage unit). However, to protect your belongings from dust and rodents, we recommend you wrap everything thoroughly in plastic wrap. A plastic wrap is a cheap option, so you’ll have no trouble getting a few rolls at your local Walmart or HomeDepot. Of course, not everything is practically wrappable, but for the items that are, do not miss out on the added protection of cling film!

Get Packing! 

Congratulations! You are now among those who know the storage unit’s secrets! You now possess all the required knowledge to choose the perfect unit for your needs and ensure that your stored belongings remain safe and unaffected by damage. So get ready for your adventure. Whether it’s a smaller apartment, or a chance to explore a new place, you can now get packing without worry. Rest assured, by implementing the tips shared in this article, you can go about your life peacefully, knowing your valuables and other belongings are safely tucked away in a nice, clean, temperature-controlled storage unit back home!



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