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Telecalling Software

Telecalling software is a software application that automates the process of making calls to potential clients. It can also record conversations and track the success of the campaign.

The software also allows managers to monitor and supervise calls through a dashboard. This is especially useful for managing a remote team.


Callyzer is a telecalling software that helps you keep track of your team’s calling activities. It also allows you to summarize call logs and acquire useful insights for analyzing your team’s performance and making smart business decisions.

It enables you to manage all mobile numbers used by your employees from a central cloud-based dashboard. You can add, edit or delete them.

This telecalling software is easy to use and is perfect for small, mid and large-scale companies across multiple industry segments. It is free to download and can be installed on any Android device.

It helps you auto-synchronize call recording files taped using the default dialer of your mobile device or third-party application. These files are synchronized to the cloud-based dashboard and help you closely monitor your team’s call performance.


Bitrix24 is a state-of-the-art online tool to boost the productivity of all your team members. It offers a wide range of collaboration and communication features, including document sharing, CRM, chat, and video conferencing.

It has unlimited storage capacity, and allows you to edit documents locally and online. It also provides document approval workflow tools and versioning.

A private branch exchange (PBX) can be used inside the Bitrix24 CRM, along with telemarketing tools like auto callers and dial lists. It also supports voice mail and calls queueing.

The telephony features include internal extensions, phone hour settings, call transfers, pause/on hold, voice mail, greeting recording, and much more. You can also rent toll-free and local numbers in over 43 countries.

Bitrix24 is a great software tool for companies on the rise and with small budgets. It is also a great choice for mid-size and larger shops that need an all-in-one platform.

CallPro CRM

Telecalling software allows sales teams to automate and streamline outbound telemarketing processes. The platform can also help agents track their performance.

CallPro CRM is an outbound calling software that supports a number of industries including marketing companies, insurance, telecoms, energy, and office services. It is scalable and offers unlimited data storage.

Its features include in-built email marketing, progressive dialing, and call scripts. These tools can increase telesales revenue and improve agent productivity.

In addition, it enables agents to communicate with prospects via text message and social media. Its telemarketing campaign management system can also be used to target specific demographics and behaviors.

CallPro CRM is available as an add-on to non call efficient CRMs such as Salesforce. It can also be used stand-alone for a more flexible solution.


NeoDove is a telecalling software that enables businesses to improve their telesales team’s productivity and performance. It offers features such as an auto dialer, lead management system, multichannel communication, and integrations.

It also has a team monitoring and management feature that allows you to track the productivity of your team members. You can set follow-ups, prioritize campaigns, and get call reports.

With its user-friendly web portal, NeoDove helps telesales executives achieve their targets on the go. Its automated calling process and individual reporting make it easier to meet their targets on time.

NeoDove is a comprehensive telecalling CRM and sales engagement platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses enhance their sales pipeline. It has carefully-designed features such as an auto dialer, a comprehensive lead management system, instant multichannel engagement, real-time performance analytics, thousands of integrations, a marketplace for IVR, SMS automation and more.



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