5 Important Considerations When Choosing a Wheelchair

    Wheelchairs are very special. For the person using it, it does hold immense value. When you are buying a wheelchair for yourself or for your family member, this fact must not skip from your mind. Buying a wheelchair needs some planning. Don’t just rush. Take some time to understand the different kinds of wheelchairs out there.

    Buying Wheelchairs: What Do We Need to Consider?

    When you are about to buy a wheelchair, understand your requirements without compromising here and there. You must understand that you are going to use the chair long-term. You must check whether or not the chair you will buy is good or not. In that regard, often wheelchair buyers have also been found confused. This is why the following points can help:

    • Speak with Your Therapist

    It is better to have a word with your therapist. Whether it is an occupational therapist or a physiotherapist, the professional can guide you without any hiccups because they know how the industry works.

    Speak with the professional to gain clarity on the model of the wheelchair and its mechanisms. You also have to ask them whether or not it’s fit for long-term usage. Speaking to these professionals might also be a little more enjoyable.

    • Understand Your Needs

    Your wheelchair must be comfortable. You don’t want your wheelchair to be less on the comfort side. It is because an uncomfortable wheelchair might give you other problems later.

    Not choosing a comfortable chair can make you suffer from injuries. These injuries might lead you to perform surgeries and other management. A wrong purchase can turn things astray. You really don’t want that. This is why it is better if you make some calculations beforehand.

    • Find out the cushioning and space of your wheelchair.
    • Inspect the headrest; armrest; footplate; backrest, and other areas of the chair.
    • Make sure the chair helps to fit your body in.

    It is affirmative that you speak up if you have a problem. If you are buying a wheelchair for your loved one, and then he or she might not be frank with the issues, do ask the person about the problems from your end and buy a chair that fits all your needs.

    • Find out If the Wheelchair Is Relevant for You

    You cannot find more from the wheelchair if you are not careful about why you are going to use it. When choosing a wheelchair, all you can do is you can make yourself more and more aware of the chair’s use-case scenarios. The points mentioned below might help you out:

    You have to see where you are using your wheelchair. Is it in the rooms? Or are you allowed to use it outdoors? Do you live in a hilly region, and will you use a wheelchair for transportation?

    Wheelchairs are not for providing the user with mobility only. Did you know that many wheelchairs are used for short commuting? If you have commuting needs, then look at the options designed for commutes.

    You might go to your office and work. In that case, you might need a sleek chair to help you navigate tight spaces between cubicles.

    In this regard, we can look at electric wheelchairs. Many prefer them for commutes. Apart from that, people with mobility issues in their upper bodies or hands can also use an electric wheelchair. We will discuss more on this topic in the next point.

    • Self-Propelled Wheelchair Vs the Electric Wheelchair 

    Which one do you want to choose? Electric wheelchairs have their own set of benefits. Again, there are downsides. Self-propelled chairs might not have the boost of power. However, they have been used for a long, and you might find yourself comfortable using them.

    If you have basic wheelchair needs and your upper body is strong enough to propel the wheelchair by hand, then a common self-propelling wheelchair will work just fine. It has also been recommended to keep your body fitter and healthier, as propelling the chair helps in increased blood circulation and, therefore, better blood flow. Hence, it adds more to the exercise part. Self-propelling wheelchairs have also been preferred for young people to keep the upper body mobilised.

    When do you need the electric wheelchair? Well, quite contrary to the self-propelling version, weak upper body strength or other ailments limiting the mobility of the upper body will draw you to buy an electric wheelchair. You might need one for long commutes.

    However, it is a controversial topic. You must decide in this regard by identifying your capabilities and your needs. Electric wheelchairs can be suitable for the elderly. But if the upper body needs a workout and it does not have other medical conditions, then a self-propelling one might work well. Another downside of the wheelchair driven by the battery is that its electronic parts (including the battery) might be damaged, and recovering it can be a lengthy and costly matter.

    Need both? You can go for the hybrid ones. They come with both facilities. You can use them in self-propelling mode. However, they do cost much. Plus, you can feel stuck if you want to buy one but have a low credit score. Choose one of the urgent loans for bad credit in Ireland for this case. Find direct lenders for these loans. You can get money for buying your wheelchair in a day.

    Try It Before Paying 

    It is not a good idea to buy a wheelchair online. Without offending the online reality (because it might come in use in particular situations), buying a wheelchair offline is the most preferred way of purchasing it.

    Why so? It is because you need to take a look at the chair. If you need it (or if someone else), then you should sit down and try it out. Check if you feel comfortable in it and if it propels you in the right direction when you make efforts.

    Inspect the build material of the chair. It can help you understand the quality of this equipment. Propel it into the fields or a safe place outdoors with a representative to keep you safe. Understand the mechanisms of the chair by asking the representative. Do not be hesitant to try out other models. Be patient and make a decision.

    To Conclude

    Wheelchairs do not necessarily cost much. If you find it troublesome to pay for it, choose to take out a loan from money lenders in Ireland. They can help you with a personal loan (that does not include collateral).

    This equipment is going to give you the best support if you have purchased the best chair for you. Take your time to learn about them and make an informed decision.

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