5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Vivo Mobiles

    Over the past few years, some amazing revolutions have taken place in the fast-paced mobile phone industry, thanks to the advancements in the field of technology and features from numerous brands worldwide.

    Vivo Communication Technology is one such smartphone brand that has contended the spotlight with its outstanding innovations and high-spec in their latest and upcoming mobiles. Here are the five important factors that make Vivo smartphones extremely popular among their users:

    Vivo Mobile Guide: Innovation

    In the modern era, with a growing reliance on technological advances, mobile phones have become the latest canvas for tech companies to display their art. Over the past few years, Vivo has proven to be thriving in showcasing innovative tech and designs in its handsets.

    Vivo made headlines in 2018 by launching the world’s first in-display fingerprint sensor in its mid-segment device, the X20. It was a genuine revolution in the mobile phone industry that put Vivo in the spotlight.

    In fact, this feature had already been tried earlier by reputed global giants like Samsung and Apple, but both failed to accomplish similar results before Vivo.

    Vivo achieved several other feats; for instance, the ‘NEX’ series devices featured one of the first bezel-less screen panels to offer an edge-to-edge layout.

    Vivo Mobile Guide: Amazing specs on a budget

    Even if you intend to purchase a Vivo mobile under 15,000, you can stay assured of getting amazing features and specs that other manufacturers offer only in their flagship phones.

    As a matter of fact, the uniqueness of the company lies in its formula of squeezing high-end specifications such as lots of RAM, a big battery and a high-quality camera system, all at an affordable price range.

    If you are looking for a Vivo mobile under 15,000, the brand presents plenty of variants that offer you excellent value for the money. The Vivo T1 costs less than 15,000 and is a prime example that packs 44W fast charging technology, an AMOLED display, 4GB of RAM with 128GB of internal storage. A triple camera setup at the rear with a 50 MP primary camera. Be it any latest or upcoming mobiles in the entry-level or mid-range segment, all of them come with great camera setups, high battery capacity along with good design.

    Vivo Mobile Guide: Fantastic Camera

    The camera configuration in the smartphone market has become one of the third most significant factors that customers look for. Vivo has not only acknowledged this reality but also made this trend the USP of its brand.

    Vivo devices are known for their exceptional camera modules and specifications. Be it a premium model or any Vivo mobile under 15,000, you can stay assured of getting a camera system with multiple sensors, lots of camera features, filters and high specs.

    Vivo Mobile Guide: Lots of options

    If you are looking for the latest or upcoming mobiles that offer the perfect blend of specs and features, well, Vivo has an extensive list of models for buyers to choose from across different price segments depending on the budget and specifications required.

    The Chinese OEM extends almost 100 variants that are spread across eight lines of products (series). Starting with the U and Z series, the company offers entry-level and mid-range devices. Which can be an ideal option if you are on a tight or limited budget. These phones feature decent specs like an HD screen panel, 4GB of RAM, and a battery pack that ranges anywhere between 4,500 to 5,000 mAh.

    Vivo Mobile Guide: Brand Recognition

    When the smartphone market was already dominated by the global giants such as Samsung and Apple, backed by significant history and brand value, penetrating into the same mobile market was certainly not easy.

    But still, Vivo saw potential in the South Asian smartphone market as there was a significant vacuum in the mobile market for a smartphone brand that was willing to offer flagship-level features with a sensible price tag. Vivo took this opportunity seriously and started offering amazing camera systems, high battery capacity, and a reliable chipset backed by premium features at an affordable price.

    Since its establishment in 2009, Vivo has rapidly grown its business to more than 100 countries and has become one of the reputed smartphone manufacturers across the globe.

    Whether you intend to purchase the latest or upcoming mobiles from Vivo, you can stay assured of getting excellent value for your money smartphone and top-notch after-sales service in case your device runs into any issues.

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