A Memorable Hiking Experience in Matheran With Delicious Prawn Pulao

    I had been to Matheran a few times since my high school and college days and right up to my work life. All these visits have been with friends but my last visit a week ago was with my family and it was best so far. 

    We had planned it in hurry and it was decided that we would hike from Neral. We decided to take home-cooked pulao that we would have on the way. 

    Since it was my responsibility, I first proceeded to buy fish online Thane from my trusted online fish and meat store. They not just delivered my order within minutes but the prawns they supplied, was also of top quality. 

    The time that I had at hand to cook the pulao was very little. I just had the evening to finish the cooking but I didn’t want to feed my family any food that was cooked almost 24 hours back. 

    I set up everything that I needed for cooking the pulao and kept it aside in the refrigerator and ensured that we hit the bed early. I was going to cook the pulao early next morning so that my family gets freshly cooked food at lunch while on hike. 

    I could manage all this within such a short time because I had ordered fresh prawns delivery Thane from my favourite online fish and meat store. 

    Hectic mornings on a weekend can be challenging 

    After a hectic week everybody looks forward to the weekend for the much-needed rest and recreation. Our plan to go hiking up on the ghats of Matheran is well-conceived and I was determined to make the most of it. 

    I rose up early morning at 4.30 AM on that day and began cooking the prawn pulao by 5.30 AM and completed the job by 6.30 AM.   

    Had I not been able to buy fish online Thane it might not have been possible for me to cook the prawn pulao that all of us were looking forward to as our brunch during the hike.  

    Prawns are a favourite in my family and when the idea of pulao for brunch during the hike came up, our son asked if we could have prawns in the pulao. We all thought it was a great idea to try this and that was it. 

    The advantage of pulao as a meal on the move 

    There are several reasons for Pulao to be considered as an excellent meal on the move especially when you go out hiking. 

    Portability: Pulao is a one-pot dish where rice, vegetables and sometimes protein such as chicken, mutton, or prawns are used with aromatic spices. This makes it easy to pack in a container or wrap in foil, making it highly portable.

    Minimal mess: Since pulao is a complete meal in itself, you don’t need multiple dishes or utensils to enjoy it. That’s what I had in mind while ordering fresh prawns delivery Thane.

    Balanced nutrition: Pulao typically contains a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and vegetables, providing a satisfying and nutritious meal. It can keep you energized during your journey or hike. 

    Easy to eat: The rice in pulao is usually cooked to a soft and fluffy texture, making it easy to scoop up and eat without the need for utensils. You can use your fingers or a fork to enjoy it. This reduces the chances of making a mess while eating on the move. 

    Spicy and aromatic: Pulao is known for its rich and aromatic flavours, thanks to the spices used in its preparation. I had prepared well before I decided to buy fish online Thane for the hike. 

    Customizable: Pulao can be customized to suit your taste preferences and dietary restrictions. You can add or omit ingredients according to your liking, making it adaptable to different diets.

    Versatility: Pulao can be made with various ingredients, including different types of rice, vegetables, and proteins. This versatility allows you to create a pulao that suits your mood and the ingredients you have in hand.

    Quick preparation: While some variations of pulao may require more time and ingredients, many versions can be prepared relatively quickly. This made the prawn option a convenient one as we were in a hurry and that’s why I decided to buy fish online Thane Emeatstore

    Long-lasting: Pulao can stay fresh for an extended period without refrigeration, depending on the ingredients used and the temperature of your surroundings. This makes it suitable for travel, picnics and hikes.

    Comfort food: Pulao is a comfort food for many people and its familiar and comforting taste can be particularly soothing when you’re on the move and away from home.

    Overall, my prawn pulao’s portability, balanced nutrition, ease of consumption, and aromatic qualities made it an excellent choice for a meal during our hike. As it turned out, the hike went very smoothly and we had our brunch at 12.15 PM after ascending almost a thousand feet above sea level. Needless to say we ate like there was no tomorrow and relished every bit of it. 

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