All About Hybrid Engine Oil: The New Market Trend

    The car industry is growing at high speeds. While many car companies are working to make cars smokeless. But this future is a little far. So the other option that companies are working on is hybrid. These cars reduce the smoke by almost half. Thus, making cars greener and better. And to improve the working of these engines. They certainly need separate ways to maintain a car. This also includes the motor oil for your hybrid engine. But choosing a good hybrid motor oil might seem like a difficult task. You might find yourself among the different options for hybrid Automotive lubricants in UAE. But don’t worry! We’ll help you find the right motor oil for your hybrid car. So join us on the journey to choose the best car oil for you.

    The Growing Market

    The speed at which car makers are finding new technologies is growing. In order to get cars to be greener and emit less smoke. But it is a long way till we fully shift to smokeless cars. Thus, the new hybrid technology is making its way into the market. By providing a greener way to reduce this smoke by half. The predictions say that the car industry will have up to 70% hybrid cars by the end of 2029. So, they will become a very important part of the car world. This is making many car part makers shift their focus to hybrid cars. Launching new products and services for these hybrid cars. This also includes solutions for motor oil. But do hybrid cars need motor oil? And if they do, what are the specs?

    Do Hybrid Cars Need Motor Oil?

    The short answer is yes! All hybrid cars have an engine that constantly needs motor oil. Exactly like other gas and diesel cars. Thus, these cars also need the same engine fluids. These also include gear, transmission, and other oils. While hybrid cars don’t have the same engine as older cars. They have an engine that’s half electric. And the rest is the same as the older engines. Thus, it needs ongoing motor oil to keep the engine running smoothly. Remember, these engines aren’t much different from your older engines. So the motor oil protects them from wear and keeps them cool. Moreover, it also lets the parts slide easily against each other. Thus making your engine work smoothly.

    Do Hybrid Cars Need Special Oils?

    That’s right! Some oils are specific to hybrid engines only. These oils have lower thicknesses and work better at lower temperatures. As hybrid engines don’t heat up as much as normal engines. Thus, these oils need to work best at these temperatures. This also makes them last longer and saves them from early breakdowns. This is why it’s important to follow the user manual of your car. To make sure that your engine is getting the right oil in it. So remember to buy from a good oil brand like Castrol Engine Oil. Buying from a good oil brand saves you from a lot of engine problems. Such as it saves your engine parts from wear. It also cleans the engine preventing sludge. Moreover, it lowers the fuel your car burns giving you more miles per liter.

    How Do Hybrid Engines Work?

    There are three different types of hybrid engines. And all of them work in different ways. This makes them need a different engine oil than the regular one. The first one is the mild hybrid electric or MHEV. These have an electric system with their regular engine. This helps them to perform better. So both these parts work side-by-side. Thus, it’s impossible for the car to just run on electricity. The second one is the full hybrid electric of FHEV. This is what normally comes to mind when we’re talking about hybrid cars. While they do have a regular engine in them. These cars have a proper hybrid system in place. So when the wheel turns, it charges the battery of the car. Thus, making it possible to run in electric-only modes. Lastly comes the plug-in hybrid or PHEV. You can connect these cars to a charging station to charge their batteries. These are perfect for people who drive within the city and live in places where smoke is a problem. This is also a greener car for everyone who cares about the environment. As these cars can drive in electric-only modes for short drives.

    Hybrid Motor Oil Challenges

    The current trend is to use regular motor oil for your hybrid cars. But you know by now that this might not be the best option. The lower running temperature of the hybrid engines is what worries most people. How will the regular engine oils work in these lower temperatures? This might also cause water and unburnt fuel to build up in the engine. And as you know, this is not the best for your engine health. It will cause wear, rust, and an overall decrease in the health of your car. So you might need to look for motor oil that serves your purpose well. Choose an oil that is hybrid-specific so it keeps your car engine safe.

    Hybrid Engine Oil Opportunities

    In the coming years, we will see a lot of changes in the car market. Especially the growth of the use of hybrid cars. As the worry for the environment is ever-growing. There will also be a need for better motor oils that can keep your hybrid engine safe. After all, the market will need to change itself with the changing trends. Moreover, research shows that hybrid-specific oils have a lot of benefits for these engines. They can work at lower temperatures and help the hybrid engine work at its best. So remember to invest in good quality engine oil to keep your car engine safe.

    Let’s Drive Off!

    Now that you know all about the new hybrid engine oils. It’s time to get it to keep your hybrid car at its best. But if you’re looking for a good name in the Dubai market. We suggest you visit Central Trading Company in Dubai. They have the top car experts who can guide you to make the best choice. So visit them today to get the best car services.

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