What You Should Know About CAT Sample Papers

    CAT sample papers are an essential resource for test takers seeking to pass the exam on their first try. Continue reading to learn about the significance of the CAT sample paper.

    CAT Sample Paper: Overview

    The CAT is the most well-known test for admission to the renowned IIMs. Annually, IIMs and other top B-Schools use CAT results to decrease the applicant pool. Future candidates who want to work as managers or business owners must pass the exam. The two-year Post Graduate Management programmes offered by IIMs and other prestigious institutions such as the Indian Institute of Technology, FMS, S P Jain, MDI, and others are open to candidates with a strong resume (academics, work experience), strong test performance, and good results in the GD-PI round. The CAT 2023 will be held in November of this year. You have two hours and 66 questions.

    CAT Exam Pattern

    The CAT is a three-part computer-based test that covers verbal, numerical, analytical reasoning, and data interpretation problems. There are both MCQ and non-MCQ question types offered. The sections cannot be changed in order, and each lasts 40 minutes. The three marks awarded for each correct response to an MCQ are decreased by one mark for each erroneous response. The CAT exam is divided into the following sections: (VARC) Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension: 24 (DILR) Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning: 20 (QA) Quantitative Aptitude: 22

    Topics to Research:

    The sections of the CAT give the following topics in the CAT syllabus the most weight: Quantitative ability, or QA Algebra, geometry, number theory, and modern mathematics DILR is an abbreviation for Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning. Tables, bar graphs, seating arrangements, clocks and calendars, and Venn diagrams are examples of team structures. VARC (Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension): Long and short RC passages, para-jumbles, and para-summaries

    CAT Sample Paper:

    Initially, the CAT sample paper must be submitted by the deadline. Take note of the time constraints for each section as well. The greatest business schools consider sectional cutoffs, so you must strike a balance while studying important areas. To answer the relevant problems, use mental math shortcuts, elimination tactics, formulas, approximations, and other similar techniques. Ideally, you should begin the practise exam with the questions that come naturally to you and in which you are most confident. Remember that CAT requires the best combination of precision and speed. Don’t forget to evaluate your performance on the test! Because feedback is essential for growth, make a distinction between the areas in which you performed well and those in which you still have opportunity for improvement. Then, tweak your test-taking strategy and apply it to the next practise exam.

    CAT Sample Paper: Benefits

    Improve your performance on each exam section: This performance appropriately represents your current level of preparation.

    Get a clear picture: You should recognise where you stand in relation to others and behave accordingly for your future development. Recognise your own skills and limitations in exam-like situations: Our Mock CATs act as a mirror, providing a comparative analysis that you can utilise to construct a detailed exam plan. Examine your performance and seek for defects or weaknesses: Another crucial phase in your preparation is test analysis. It is not sufficient to merely take practise tests and note your scores. Although it may appear to be a time-consuming process, it is vital if you want to score well on the actual test.

    Create a thorough exam strategy: Once you’ve identified your strengths and weaknesses, you may prioritise which questions to address first and which to address later. Such little changes might have a major impact on your final scores. As a result, the more you practise, the better you will get at understanding when a given question is acceptable to ask. You also enhance your accuracy when replying to various inquiries.

    CAT Sample Paper FAQs

    When should I start practising with CAT sample papers? CAT hopefuls usually begin taking practise examinations one to two months before the exam.

    Do CAT Sample Papers contain predetermined sections? The format of the CAT sample papers is the same as that of the final exam.

    Can I prepare for the CAT by merely studying sample questions? No, it is vital to study the concepts before taking practise tests and simulated exams.

    Can I use a calculator on CAT sample questions? Calculators are not permitted on the CAT exam. The test, on the other hand, contains a customisable on-screen calculator.

    How many CAT practise questions must I finish before the exam? You are not required to execute a certain number of sample tests. It is determined by how well you perform on each assessment. However, it is recommended that you take a few practise exams each week as you prepare for the CAT.

    Are the grading criteria for MCQs and non-MCQs the same? On the CAT, each correct response is worth three points, while each erroneous response is worth one point less. Non-MCQ assignments do not receive negative marking.

    How many questions are on the sample CAT exam? The total number of questions is the same as the most recent CAT sample test. The sample exam will comprise the same 66 questions as the CAT 2021, which had a total of 66 questions.

    Are CAT sample questions applicable to other entrance exams? Yes, using these example tests will help you prepare for future aptitude exams. This is owing to the fact that the majority of entrance examinations cover the same themes as the CAT exam.

    What format does a sample CAT exam take? The sole modality accessible for the most recent CAT sample papers is computer-based. The preceding year’s CAT exams, on the other hand, are still available on paper.

    Can I take the CAT twice in the same calendar year? No. Each year, just one attempt is allowed.

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