Clockshark Pricing Vs. Evernote Pricing: All You Need to Know

    When it comes to managing your workforce, it is hard to find a better solution than Clockshark, and when it comes to note-taking and archiving tools, there is no tool more popular than Evernote.  

    Whether to switch to Clockshark or continue with Evernote arises every time you need a management tool that suits your business needs. In this article, we’ll compare the Clockshark pricing plans vs. Evernote pricing plans and help you decide for your business.  


    Clockshark Project Management Software  

    Clockshark is a powerful project management software that helps businesses manage their time and resources more efficiently. It offers GPS tracking, employee scheduling, job cost categorization, and a central web-based dashboard to help companies to stay organized and on track.  

    With ClockShark time tracking software’s intuitive interface, users can easily access all the necessary features to streamline their workflow and increase productivity. Additionally, ClockShark integrates with popular applications like Evernote, Microsoft To-Do, Google Tasks, and Trello to make it easier for teams to collaborate on projects.  


    Clockshark Software Features  


    Time Tracking Made Easy  

    One of the main features of ClockShark is time tracking. It tracks employees’ hours to enable employers to generate accurate payroll and billable invoices. In addition, the software utilizes GPS location tagging, facial recognition, and biometric data to ensure the time entries are correct and eliminate time theft issues.  

    Time tracking is also accessible through the mobile app, web clock, or text. Moreover, ClockShark’s integration with Quickbooks eliminates data entry, saving time and reducing common accounting errors. 


    Streamlined Scheduling  

    ClockShark software also offers an excellent scheduling tool that makes it easier for project managers to manage their teams’ work schedules and assign tasks. Schedules can be created in advance and easily shared with employees via email or push notification within the mobile app.  

    Employees can submit time-off requests through the app, and project managers can approve or deny them. With ClockShark’s scheduling feature, you can easily keep everyone on the same page and minimize scheduling conflicts, reducing downtime and lost productivity.  


    Detailed Reporting  

    Another great feature of ClockShark software is its reporting functionality. The software generates comprehensive reports that provide insights into your business’ performance by analyzing employee attendance, job costing, and overall productivity.  

    These reports can help project managers recognize patterns and adjust strategies to improve their team’s performance. Managers can also monitor the progress of projects in real-time to ensure they stay on track and do not exceed budgets.  


    Clockshark Pricing  

    Clockshark has three pricing plans that cater to different business needs.  

    Clockshark pricing plan costs $5 per month per user and has features like time tracking, digital timesheet, job costing, and real-time clock in/out. This plan covers a basic level of employee management.  

    The next plan is the standard plan, which costs $8 per month per user. It has all the features of the mobile plan and includes employee scheduling, GPS tracking, job costing, and a mobile app.  

    The third and most popular plan is the pro plan, which costs $12 per month per user. This plan includes all the standard plan features but also has a timesheet signature/approval, job site clock-in, and a portal. 

    If you want to test Clockshark out before purchasing any of the plans, their website provides a demo version available for free. The Clockshark demo offers access to the time tracking, scheduling, and project tracking features, allowing you to get a feel for the software and decide if it suits your business.  


    Clockshark Reviews  

    According to user reviews, Clockshark is one of the best time-tracking and scheduling software available.  

    Users praise the software for its ease of use, accurate time tracking, and flexibility. In addition, the customer service team at Clockshark receives exceptional reviews, providing quick and efficient solutions to every problem.  


    Evernote Project Management Software  

    Evernote is an innovative project management software allowing users to take notes anywhere. It provides an easy-to-use platform for organizing ideas, tasks, documents, images and other content into notebooks or collections. In addition, its powerful search capabilities allow users to quickly find what they need without manually searching through their notes.  

    Additionally, Evernote integrates with popular applications like ClockShark so teams can easily collaborate on projects in one place. With its intuitive user interface and powerful features, Evernote makes it easy for teams to stay organized and productive no matter where they are.  


    Evernote Software Features  



    The first and most prominent feature of Evernote is its excellent note-taking capabilities. With Evernote, you can write notes, record audio, take pictures, and even make sketches. Evernote’s note-taking tool is incredibly flexible and easy to use, allowing you to capture your thoughts quickly and efficiently.  

    No matter where you are, you can quickly jot down ideas, take a picture on a whiteboard, or record a voice memo. Moreover, you can access your notes across all your devices, meaning you never have to worry about losing important information again. 



    The second feature of Evernote is its organizational capacity. With Evernote, you can create notebooks, tags, and reminders to help you stay organized. For example, you can sort your notes into different notebooks, create labels to make searching easier and set up reminders for important tasks.  

    This feature is handy for project managers who must keep track of multiple projects simultaneously. With Evernote’s organization feature, you can easily stay on top of your workload and never miss a deadline again. 



    The third feature of Evernote is its collaboration toolset. Evernote lets you easily share your notes and notebooks with team members, making it simple to work on projects together. You can invite team members to a notebook and collaborate on ideas, planning, and execution.  

    This feature is handy for construction workers who work in a team environment. With Evernote’s collaboration feature, you can ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals.  


    Evernote Pricing  

    Evernote has four pricing plans that cater to different business needs.  

    The basic plan is free and offers users access to features like notetaking, web clipping, and cloud sync.  

    The next plan is the Plus plan, with a monthly price tag of $4.99. This plan includes all the features of the basic plan but also offers features like offline access, better collaboration, and increased data retention. 

    The next level is the premium plan, which costs $7.99 per month and includes all the features of the Plus version but also includes increased storage space, better search, better organizational characteristics, and improved security.  

    The last level is the business plan, which costs $14.99 per user per month and includes all the premium plan features but can also control user access and admin management.  

    Evernote also offers a demo feature that allows you to test the software for free for thirty days. The Evernote demo feature is available for all plans, including the Premium and Business plans.  


    Evernote Reviews  

    Evernote users frequently highlight that the software is intuitive, helps them stay organized and productive, and the service team is responsive and helpful. On the flip side, some users complain about the pricing, occasional synchronization issues, and the lack of some features on the Basic and Premium plans.   

    Despite some negative reviews, Evernote remains a popular productivity tool. Many businesses, including big corporations, rely on Evernote to manage their work processes. So, whether you need a simple note-taking tool or a complex project management solution, Evernote has the right solution.  


    Clockshark Pricing Vs. Evernote Pricing—Final Thoughts  

    In conclusion, choosing between Clockshark pricing and Evernote pricing ultimately comes down to your business needs.  

    If you require detailed workforce management tools, including time tracking, employee scheduling, and location tracking, then Clockshark is the tool for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a general-purpose note-taking and archiving tool perfect for solo entrepreneurs, students, and knowledge workers, then Evernote is the tool for you.  

    Keep these points in mind when deciding which tool to use and choose what is best for your business needs. 

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