Custom Mailer Boxes Are Perfect For Ecommerce Packaging

    In this era of digitalization, e-commerce shopping has become more popular than in the past years. People prefer to buy the product from home using the internet which saves them valuable time. Custom mailer boxes are used to package products that are mailed to customers with full protection.

    The other packaging type for e-commerce products is poly mailers which are plastic bags perfect for the safe shipping of products to the customer’s doorstep. These bags are also easily customized with catchy printing with brand logo and taglines with sticker glued having the customer address, contact, and delivery details.

    E-commerce brands create and use custom printed boxes for the purpose of product mailing to the clients’ given location. If you’re an e-commerce business runner, you can easily personalize your product boxes according to your preferred design idea considering your product’s nature and specs.

    How Are Printed Mailer Boxes Best For Ecommerce Companies?

    Custom mailer packaging is the best option for e-commerce product-selling brands. They bring many benefits for brands and help in product marketing and boosting sales in the competitive online product trading market.

    Let’s dig into the details what are the beneficial feature of custom mailer box packaging and how they help grow online trade businesses:

    1- Sustainable And Highly Protective Option

    Mailer product containers (cartons) are made of paper-made cardstock material that has multiple protection layers according to the product’s delicacy. They are sustainable and don’t add toxic elements to the environment. These boxes are easily biodegradable into the soil after passing some weeks of their disposal. Wholesale custom mailer boxes are highly durable and sturdy enough to protect the product internally and externally.

    2- Cost-Efficient And Lightweight Boxes

    Mailer box is made of paper-based corrugated cardboard material that’s cost-effective in comparison with other material types. Cardboard mailer boxes have interlocking flaps that don’t need any glue.

    Brands can save a hefty amount of money by utilizing this material for their product packaging. Moreover, it is lightweight which makes it the perfect choice for online product shipping.

    3- Handy Box Provide Good Experience

    E-commerce packaging boxes are created with an easy-to-open style that makes them handy for consumers. That way these easy-to-use boxes provide a good experience to users which satisfies them with the e-commerce company products. 

    4- Easy Customization With Simple Designs

    Mailer wholesale boxes are easy to customize according to the product’s nature, its specs, shape, and dimensions. You can choose any custom mailer boxes design and choose the suitable color combination matching your company theme design.

    Furthermore, you can also use lucrative finishes and add-ons on the mailer box according to your preference and needs. These embellishments include matte lamination, glossy lamination, spot ultraviolet coating, satin finish, metalized foiling, window die cuts, and perforation.

    5- Catchy Printing And Simple Designs

    Brands create Bespoke custom printed boxes by adding different elements to the box’s surface. That type of product box design can attract customers to the products and urge them to appreciate the brand’s product packaging efforts.

    In regard to box design, simplicity has great value. You can add essential product and brand details such as logo, product image, brand story, and other essential details. If you choose a simple box design approach, you can attract more customers to your brand and make them consider you as a professional, trustworthy, and reliable brand.

    In addition, by using a simple yet creative design of the box you can promote your products in the competitive online market. That way you also can get free product promotional benefits without investing even a penny in your marketing campaign.

    Wrapping Up The Entire Blog

    Custom mailer boxes are the perfect choice for e-commerce companies’ product packaging solutions. They help boost brand awareness among their target customers and help in their product marketing.

    By customizing these boxes using top-quality printing and designing you can satisfy and please customers and make them loyal to your brand for a long time. That way you can get more sales and take your company to new heights of triumph.

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