Demand in Canada for Meteorologists and Climatologists

    Canada has a high demand for Meteorologists and Climatologists throughout the private, public, and government sectors. This has created more job opportunities for skilled workers under TEER 21103 and this trend will continue to grow in the upcoming years. If you wish to relocate to Canada and work as a Meteorologist and Climatologist, you must apply for a Canada PR Visa from India.

    Working as Meteorologists and Climatologists in Canada also offers opportunities for career growth in employment areas including all government levels, natural resources and utility companies, the media, and private consulting firms, or they may be self-employed. Professionals can also take up new challenges and improve their skills. 

    Moving to Canada also comes with various benefits like free healthcare, free education for kids, a supportive work environment, a direct Canada PR for Meteorologists and Climatologists pathway, and much more.

    Are jobs available for Meteorologists and Climatologists in Canada?

    Yes, it is estimated that around 10,100 new jobs will be created for Meteorologists and Climatologists in Canada and around 9,600 new job seekers will be available to fill these positions. Individuals with relevant experience and skills will find it much easier to get a job in Canada under TEER 21103. 

    Here are the job titles that Meteorologists and Climatologists can apply for – 

    • Air quality meteorologist
    • Climatologist
    • Hydrometeorologist
    • Meteorologist
    • Operational meteorologist
    • Weather forecaster

    Job Responsibilities of Meteorologists and Climatologists in Canada

    Listed below are the duties that Meteorologists and Climatologists in Canada must perform –

    • Interpret data gathered from meteorological stations, radar, satellite images, and computer models.
    • Create weather forecasts and offer weather consultation to industries like aviation, agriculture, tourism, and the public.
    • Share weather forecasts and reports via various media, such as TV, radio, print, and the Internet.
    • Research and advice on atmospheric phenomena, climate, pollution transformation, and weather determinants.
    • Formulate and test mathematical computer models for weather and climate analysis.
    • Assess the climate and air quality effects of industrial projects and human actions, collaborating on mitigation strategies.
    • Contribute to environmental impact studies influenced by the weather.
    • Advise external entities on the use and interpretation of climatic data.
    • Deliver scientific presentations and publish reports for different audiences.
    • Potentially contribute to new equipment and methods for meteorological data collection and remote sensing.

    Employment Requirements for Meteorologists and Climatologists in Canada

    It is important that you fulfill the employment requirements to get a job in Canada and work as a Meteorologist and Climatologist under an eligible Canadian employer. 

    The following are the essential requirements for Meteorologists and Climatologists –

    • They must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in meteorology, atmospheric sciences, or a similar field.
    • They must possess a doctoral degree to work as a research scientist in meteorology.
    • They must get formal training provided by Environment Canada for operational meteorologists employed by the federal government.
    • Meteorologists must have a membership in the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, but voluntary.

    Average Salary for Meteorologists and Climatologists in Canada

    Due to the high demand for skilled professionals in this field, it has resulted in competitive salaries and excellent perks. On average, a Meteorologist and Climatologist earn between a range of $55,000 and $107,600 per year. However, it also depends on your location, specialization, and experience. 

    Pathways to Get a Job in Canada as a Meteorologist and Climatologist

    The National Occupational Classification (NOC) code for Meteorologists and Climatologists in Canada is 21103. Here are the steps that must be followed to get a job offer from a Canadian employer – 

    • Improve your skills – Work on building and enhancing your skills and be up to date about your industry. If you can, enroll in a similar course that will elevate your expertise.
    • Create an impressive resume – Make a resume or upgrade it by highlighting your achievements, strengths, and skills that will make you stand out from other candidates in the eyes of potential employers in Canada. 
    • Build your network – It is important to meet professionals from your field, both offline and online. Connect with them on platforms like Linkedin, which may improve your chances of getting a job in Canada as a Meteorologist and Climatologist.
    • Get familiar with the Canadian job market – Research as much as you can about the Canadian job market, mainly focusing on the sectors you want to work in and which job roles are in high demand. 
    • Prep for interview questions – Make a list of the most common questions asked in the interview in your field and prepare accordingly. Work on your confidence and for on-the-spot questions, give well-thought-out answers.
    • Get the required work permits – Once you get the job offer in hand, obtain the required work permit or visa to ensure your legal employment status in Canada. 

    Tasks like job searching, language tests, and paperwork can be overwhelming, especially for newcomers. That’s why it’s important to get advice from the top Canada immigration consultants in Delhi. Apply for Canada PR from India with ease, guided by the experienced professionals at Nationwide Visas. With over 16 years of successfully helping people move to Canada, we’re your all-in-one solution for immigration needs. Start your journey abroad with confidence and support from our skilled team.

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