Design Elements to Elevate Your Bathroom

    A master bathroom with all the high-end features can make your home look lavish. You have to remove the old fixtures if they have worn out and replace the old ones with new fixtures.

    A new bathtub, an antique mirror, new bath fixtures, or decorative lights can be a few good ideas that you can incorporate into your bath space.

    If you are searching for the best Alhambra bathroom design ideas, then you should contact Queen Remodeling. Now, let us understand the design elements to elevate your bathroom.

    Go with all white concepts

    White gives an ultra moder feeling to an area; be it your kitchen or bath unit. If you choose white tiles, white walls, white cabinets, etc, then you can get a premium and an elegant look in your bathroom.

    If you feel the design is looking monotonous, then add a painting with pop of colors to break the monotony in a white bathroom.

    Add lights and mirrors

    Lights can be a great option to accessorize a place. If you want to enhance the look of your bathroom then you need to add hanging lights or pendant lights to the space to add that beauty to the space.

    You can also go with ceiling-mounted lights, which will make the space look brighter. Lights not only add aesthetics to the space but also make the space look brighter and bigger.

    A decorative mirror also accentuates the look of your bathroom. It also makes the space look brighter and bigger. If you are a creative person then you can add vintage mirrors to accessorize the place.

    Add golden accents

    To make your bathroom a retreat, you can add golden accents like golden frames to the mirror or golden bath fixtures such as taps, showerheads, etc. This will make your space look like a spa.

    Premium fixtures that match each other

    For cohesive design, you can choose premium plumbing fixtures that match with each other. Choose colors like matte black, gold, and brass that are in trend. These can be a great option for a white or grey bathroom.

    Go with double-sink vanity

    Double sink vanities give everyone privacy and also ample storage options. A larger vanity might take up a lot of space. Hence, going with double sink vanity will work for you.

    Install glass sink

    You can choose white porcelain material for your sinks to give your bathroom a premium look. Glass bathroom sinks can be very attractive and hence enhance the look of your bathroom.

    Waterfall showerhead

    If you want to give a luxurious feel to your bathroom, then you can go with waterfall showerhead idea. However, this type of showerhead is not as convenient as the wall mounted showerhead.

    Luxurious Flooring

    The most important part of the bathroom is its flooring. The best options for bathroom flooring can be porcelain or ceramic tiles. However, you can also go with engineered wood or natural stone to install your flooring.

    Reduce visual clutter

    You should eliminate all the clutter that is creating visual disturbances. Remember, a cluttered space cannot give a calming atmosphere. So, you should organize your bathroom to keep it clutter-free.


    You should keep your bathroom fresh and clean all the time so that it does not produce any bad odor. If you have a small bathroom then the task becomes a little harder.

    However, you can give a good makeover to your bathroom to generate more storage so that your space looks bigger and brighter.

    You can also hire our bathroom remodelers to give an enticing look to your bath unit.

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