Fundamental Qualities and Skills Required to Get Lab Technician Jobs

    Medical lab technicians play an integral position in the Healthcare industry as they assist doctors to diagnose and treat patients. They perform laboratory tests to help medical experts identify the diseases. So, if you have a solid foundation in math and science and a knack for serving people, lab technician jobs are for you.

    According to the statistics, lab tech employment is estimated to grow 7% by 2031. By looking at the stats, you can assume it will remain a high-demanding job. But, to excel in this profession, you must possess specific skills that we will discuss in the post.

    Skills You Must Have to Find the Best Lab Tech Jobs in 2023

    Lab technician skills are crucial as it allows individuals to perform lab tests accurately and thoroughly. These skills help them analyze reports and samples to find out the disease. The job involves massive technical work. Individuals need to work with advanced machines, computers, and specialized instruments.

    So, you must need soft skills and physical capabilities to become a lab technician. Women can also apply for laboratory technician jobs. As per the statistics, 46.7% of lab technologists in the USA are women. However, the specific skills employers emphasize generally vary depending on the institutions. Here, we will discuss the basic qualities you need to become a lab technician.

    Interpersonal Skills

    Laboratory technicians work with a broader range of patients and doctors. So, they must develop proper communication skills to perform their responsibilities successfully. Apart from communicating with medical staff and patients, they must show patience, empathy, and compassion. They should have a quality of active listening to know the patients better and build strong relationships with co-workers.

    Quality Control

    Another skill you need to become a lab technician is the ability to control quality. You must know how to handle all the aspects correctly to complete the lab process successfully. Individuals should use quality control while evaluating samples and reports. This step is crucial to deliver reliable and accurate results quickly. It also ensures you use quality equipment to analyze samples and produce accurate data.

    Technological Skills

    Laboratory work requires technological skills as the primary aspect. In laboratory technician jobs, lab experts use different specialized and advanced equipment. It involves software tools, modern instruments, and other computerized tools. So, you must have proper technological skills to maintain and repair this equipment when necessary.

    Attention to Details

    It is another essential skill to become a successful lab technician. Attention to detail refers to finding small information or nuances to complete tasks. You must follow safety protocols and maintain good work environments. The lab experts also should listen to the instructions when analyzing tasks and performing tests. It helps the medical staff and doctors make sound decisions for the patients.

    Knowledge of Medical Terminology

    Medical terminology knowledge is crucial to communicate with healthcare experts and medical staff. Doctors and nurses use this to discuss patients’ diagnoses, prognoses, and treatment plans. It helps them better understand test results to offer the patients the best care.

    Organization Skill

    Organization is mainly the ability of lab technicians to monitor paperwork, files, and other things. It indicates how well they can manage their workspace and systematically keep everything. This helps them save energy and time finding relevant records or samples. Also, you must have organization skills to arrange all the equipment to reduce the chances of breakage and collisions.

    Test Result Reporting

    The lab technicians must prepare reports accurately when working in a clinical setting. The individuals need to be able to record and collect the correct information from samples. It helps them present accurate reports to the doctors. Also, they must be able to read and interpret every piece of data. It helps them explain all the critical problems and complex scientific processes understandably.


    The demand for laboratory technician jobs will never end. It is so because the healthcare sector requires many skilled professionals to offer the best medical care. But, before applying for a job, you must have the before-mentioned basic skills. You can even improve your existing skills in many ways. It will help you to build a better career in the healthcare industry.

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