How do Social Media Marketing Companies Shape Political Narratives?

    Media has always played a vital role in shaping a country’s politics and setting political narratives. Earlier, it was print media. Later, it was print media and broadcast media – many made national heroes and several deemed otherwise! Opinions expressed across both these mediums have been influential enough in driving people’s political loyalties.

    But today, politics is a changed ball game! While print media and broadcast media continue to play an instrumental role, everything happening across social media has been impacting enough to helm global politics. And not today, but for years! For example, Barack Obama exemplified the use of social networks by launching his grassroots 2008 presidential campaigns engaging voters and donors in a historic way.

    Although a double-edged sword, politicians love social media. It forms a significant part of their digital ammo, enabling them to set narratives and nurture them to triumph. That’s because social media is free and can reach a larger target audience. Besides, the fact that people spend hours browsing social media feeds these days makes the medium even more valuable for gaining popularity and proliferating a particular narrative.

    Of course, you need a highly experienced and politically intelligent social media marketing partner for it. But how do social media marketing companies help set political narratives for their clients? While each one has a unique way of doing it, here are some common techniques many social media marketing companies employ.

    6 Ways Through Which Social Media Marketing Companies Set Political Narratives

    Remember, there’s nothing called perfect while setting narratives. It all depends on the situation and identifying the right issues to leverage. Social media, which has a global outreach and the capability to spread news faster than fire, can play an appreciably effective role in transforming people’s thought processes and influencing the voting outcome. Here are six ways by which social media marketing companies can support.

    1. Understanding the Target Audience Through Analytics

    You are doing it for the audience. Hence, knowing them and their needs thoroughly is the first thing social media marketing companies do. They employ advanced analytical tools to segment social media users per their interests, location, demographics, profession, and behavioural patterns. Once marketers know what segments to target, they can strategise and craft content resonating with the audience’s needs.

    Some of the most effective ways of doing them are videos, tweets, memes and articles. All of them attempt to put the politician (client) in the best possible light and in the most people-friendly manner. The content highlights a politician’s views, and tangible achievements, feature proposed policies, clarify the agenda, etc. The idea is to make more and more people within a candidate’s constituency cognizant of the latter’s endeavours.

    1. Keeping it Ethical

    Political narratives can quickly drift, become uncontrollable and cross fine lines. It doesn’t take time for a narrative to become unethical or seem malevolent. Here, social media marketing companies have a noteworthy role as they drive campaigns for their clients and portray them in a particular way.

    While presenting their client as a people’s leader, a ray of hope and an optimistic change in people’s lives, social media marketing companies should keep their communication and strategy ethical. Crossing lines can spark unhealthy competition and harmful rivalry that could derail the campaign and put up a bad show.

    1. Real-Time Monitoring and Quicker Adapting

    Social media allows a quicker feedback loop and real-time monitoring. It enables social media marketing companies to test and measure the effectiveness of a campaign instantly. It involves measuring the engagement, outreach, positive and conducive comments, negative responses etc., and determining to what extent the campaign has proved successful and whether it has been impactful enough.

    Besides, social media can help counter misunderstanding about a candidate concerning scandals, etc., through immediate posts (posted at the right and strategically beneficial time) featuring facts and figures helping the candidate manage their reputation.

    1. Precision Targeting

    While some problems are common, a few pertain to a specific group. For instance, younger audiences aged 18-30 might be looking for a solution to unemployment. On the other hand, the female section of society might be looking for better and more advanced safety measures or empowerment. Social media can help create audience segments, based on which digital marketers and copywriters can create content resonating with the target audience’s problems.

    1. Bringing in Influencers

    Earlier politicians used to leverage the popularity of celebrities, including sportspersons, film stars, etc., to drive their political mileage. But the rise of social media has opened yet another avenue – influencers. Influencers, as you would already know, are celebrities in their own right with a massive following and influence across social media platforms. However, the campaign should be transparent. Hidden political endorsements or agendas might hurt people’s trust, turning the entire campaign against the client.

    1. Ensuring Authenticity

    Authenticity is key in driving political agendas and narratives. Social media users are smart and more informed. Besides, they have numerous sources to validate the authenticity of a particular statement or achievement of a politician. Running false agendas and spreading untrue information about a politician can let all the effort down the drain. People detest their prospective representatives lying about their achievements to them. It can prove a complete turnoff tarnishing the politician’s image and failing the whole campaign.

    Instead of merely spreading information, social media political campaigns can have contestants interact with voters within their constituency through live Q&A sessions. It can help strengthen the bond between politicians and their voters.


    Voter votes are the ultimate goal of every political narrative. However, today’s voter relies heavily on social media and has access to more information than ever. Accordingly, while driving agendas and establishing narratives, politicians and social media marketing companies should remain careful while building content and setting an identity.

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