Review Of Royal Enfield Meteor 350 With Advantages And Disadvantages

    The bike market has plentiful offerings ranging from Sports and Adventure bikes, from the Bobber style to retro classics. There are retro touring bikes most suitable for long-distance commutes with a comfortable seating position. It is capable of maintaining high speeds with relaxed-sounding engines and the ability to munch miles. Royal Enfield bikes possess several features and are known for their different kinds of offerings for different riders.

    The motorbike must have a simple, well-built, air-cool engine, dual ABS, and a pleasing exhaust note. It must be smooth, easily serviceable, convenient to ride, and easily handling in dense traffic.

    Design and Styling

    The Meteor 350 features classic cruiser styling with a fuel tank of a teardrop shape, wide handlebars, and a relaxed riding position. It retains the iconic Royal Enfield bikes design cues while incorporating modern elements such as LED lighting and alloy wheels. The overall design is elegant and timeless, capturing the essence of a traditional cruiser. 

    Engine and Performance

    The Meteor 350 powers a new 349cc, single-cylinder, air-cool engine. It delivers a smooth and linear power delivery, making it ideal for long rides and city commuting. The engine produces around 20 hp of power, sufficient for highway cruising and overtaking. The refined nature of the engine contributes to a pleasant riding experience.

    Comfort and Ride Quality

    The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 provides a comfortable riding experience to its users. The well-padded seat offers good support while sitting on the saddle without discomfort. The suspension setup possesses telescopic front forks with twin shock absorbers to provide a smooth ride during bumps and oscillations on the road. However, some riders may find the rear suspension slightly firm than expected, influencing comfort in tougher conditions.

    Handling and Maneuverability

    The Meteor 350 provides better Handling for cruiser motorcycles of its class. It offers a stable feel on straight roads and effortless riding for long-distance routes. Wide handlebars in the bike provide strength and help maneuver through the city traffic. High Weight and size are always a problem in these bikes during tight corners or congested parking areas.

    Braking and Safety

    The Meteor 350 has disc brakes on both front and rear wheels and offers adequate stopping power. It includes a dual-channel ABS for additional safety to prevent wheel lock-ups during sudden braking or on slippery surfaces. The braking performance is suitable for different riding conditions.

    Features and Technology

    The key highlights of the Meteor 350 are its Modern features and Technology present in it. Semi Instrument Cluster present in the bike provides different essential information. It includes a small digital screen for a trip meter, fuel gauge, and odometer. Royal Enfield introduced the Tripper Navigation system, a compact turn-by-turn navigation display that links to a smartphone through Bluetooth. This function comes in handy on lengthy rides and while exploring new routes.


    The Royal Enfield has a Classic and timeless cruiser design. It is known for its Refined and smooth engine performance. The Meteor 350 provides a Comfortable seating position for longer rides. It has Plush ride quality with well-tuned suspension and Modern features like LED lighting and Tripper Navigation. Meteor 350 has decent fuel efficiency for a cruiser motorcycle, a brand reputation, and a wide servicing network.


    Some riders may find the rear suspension slightly stiff in Meteor 350. The Handling of which can be a bit cumbersome in tight corners and congested areas at higher speeds. Royal Enfield also needs more customization options on this bike. The Limited top speed compared to other motorcycles in its segment. The Build quality and fit-finish of the bike could be improved in certain areas. The bike’s Vibrations are noticeable at higher speeds, and there is also a lack of customization in the bike.


    The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 is a highly reputable motorcycle that has garnered significant attention in the Indian as well as overseas market. The bike offers several advantages which appeals to the riders. Firstly, its classic design and aesthetics capture the essence of Royal Enfield’s heritage. The bike’s smooth engine provides a pleasant and enjoyable ride experience. Furthermore, the Meteor 350 has so many advanced featufres. In additionhe Royal Enfield Meteor 350 is a stylish and dependable motorbike with a few minor drawbacks that can be overcome given its overall performance and attractiveness.

    The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 provides a well-rounded package for cruiser aficionados. It mixes vintage style with current technologies and provides a comfortable riding experience. However, it has limitations, such as handling in tight spaces and certain areas of fit and finish. It remains a popular choice for customers seeking a traditional cruiser with a touch of modernity.

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