Why Won’t My Snipping Tool Shortcut Work?

    The Snipping Tool, in case you didn’t know, is by far one of the most useful tools that you can use on a Windows computer. If you wish to know the shortcut key for taking a screenshot of your computer screen, then the primary way to do so is different. However, how does the Snipping Tool shortcut work?

    To find out the answer to this question and what you can do if it doesn’t work, read this post till the end.

    What Is The Snipping Tool?

    The Snipping Tool, in case you didn’t know, is by far one of the most useful tools that you can use on a Windows computer.

    If you wish to know the shortcut key for taking a screenshot of your computer screen, then the primary way to do so is different. However, using the shortcut for snipping tool is regarded as a better alternative to the traditional shortcut for taking screenshots.

    However, the process of using the shortcut key for Snipping Tool is a bit more complex and time-consuming. The time taken to take screenshots in the traditional way is easier and quicker than using the snipping tool. This is why you must learn how to use the snipping tool and how to make the snipping tool shortcut work if it does not.

    However, using the snipping tool gives you more control and options to take screenshots of any dimension. Plus, you can even edit it before saving it as well! This is one of the reasons why using the shortcut is necessary to copy certain parts of the screen.

    For example, if you wish to copy the code to enable Twitch on Roku, then taking a screenshot of the entire screen is not required. Instead of taking a screenshot of the entire screen in the traditional way, you can use the shortcut key for Snipping Tool to simply take a screenshot of the section that has the code written on it. That’s it!

    Why Won’t The Snipping Tool Shortcut Work?

    There can be many reasons why it won’t Snipping Tool shortcut work. Some of the most commonly associated reasons are:

    1. Bugs And Glitches

    More often than not, it’s always a bug or glitch in the application that makes your Snipping tool not work. When your Windows OS gets updated, the Snipping Tool gets automatically updated as well.

    However, it might not get automatically updated as well. If this is the case, then you must update it manually. The process to do so is explained later in this post.

    2. System Slowdowns

    If there are a lot of cache files, temp files, and overall lots of files and installed apps on your computer, your computer will automatically start functioning slowly. This is what we commonly call “lag” – an issue that arises when your processor or RAM memory and speed are not enough to handle all the tasks that you do.

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    3. Lack Of Storage Space

    Rarely do we see people run out of storage space on their computers to click a screenshot. This is because most screenshots are less than a few Megabytes in size. If your computer (or the specific drive where your screenshots get saved) is full, immediately start deleting large files to make space.

    How To Make The Snipping Tool Shortcut Work?

    If you wish to make the Snipping Tool shortcut work since it’s not, then fret not. While the true reason why this tool is not working will differ for everyone and can’t be pinpointed, you can try out these remedies stated here one by one to make this tool work again.

    1. Restart Your Computer

    One of the most common things you can do to solve any problem on your computer is to restart it. More often than not, this fixes almost every issue with your computer.

    If restarting or rebooting your computer makes the Snipping Tool shortcut work again, then it memes that the reason why it was not working before was because of a temporary glitch.

    2. Reboot File Explorer

    Since the Snipping Tool is a file – an application – on your computer, any glitch with Windows File Explorer might cause issues with it. Therefore, a quick method to resolve this issue is to reboot the file explorer, which you can do by:

    1. First, open the Quick Access menu by clicking on the Windows + X keys. You may also right-click on the Taskbar at the bottom of the screen.
    2. Then, click on the Task Manager here.
    3. Now, you will see all the processes that are currently active. Right-click on Windows Explorer here.
    4. Next, click on the Restart option here.

    After you restart Windows File Explorer, try using the Snip tool shortcut to check whether the Snipping Tool Shortcut work is active or not.

    3. Update Windows

    Sometimes, your Windows OS might run into various bugs and glitches, which might make several applications unusable. Here, there is a high chance that your Snipping Tool might stop working as well.

    Therefore, to check whether you have Windows updates or not, here’s what you need to do:

    1. Click on the Start menu (bottom left of the taskbar).
    2. Next, click on the Settings icon (gear) on the left.
    3. Now, click on Update & Security.
    4. Next, click on Windows Updates.
    5. Finally, click on Check for Updates.

    If your Windows OS has any pending updates, download and install them. Then check whether the Snipping Tool shortcut is working or not. 

    4. Update The Snip & Sketch Tool

    Sometimes, there might be faults within the Snip & Sketch Tool application itself. Or, you might not have the Snip & Sketch Tool installed at all!

    Therefore, to solve this issue, you need to update it. You can do so by following these steps:

    1. Open the Microsoft Store.
    2. Search for Snip & Sketch Tool.
    3. If it’s not installed, install it.
    4. If it’s installed, but requires an update, then update it.

    Conclusion: Keep On Snipping!

    To make the Snipping Tool shortcut work, if it wasn’t, you can follow the four steps that have been explained above. It’s an essential tool that everyone should familiarize themselves with. Therefore, learn how to use it and keep on snipping!

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