Top Flutter App Development Companies in India 2023

    The impact of Flutter has resulted in many development of applications across India and other countries. Before Flutter was even introduced, developers struggled in every aspect of mobile app development. Starting with writing two separate coding languages and rendering them to build iOS & Android applications in different infrastructures. 

    Google took the initiative to create a cross-platform app development framework that could easily reduce the time of app development and increase multitasking & game up their creativity standards. Which made Flutter a Hero in the app development facet! 

    Look here to find how from zero to hero Flutter became a reliable choice for app developers. 

    In this blog post, we’ll cover an overview of Flutter app development including its high-class benefits, and features, and give you the best app development companies using Flutter in India 2023. 

    Flutter Architecture Overview

    We know that Flutter is an open-source platform that involves multiple UI components and widgets that makes the technology exceptional. We also know that Flutter is built on Dart programming language and a huge developer’ community who supports each other. 

    What most of us don’t know is a complete knowledge of its Architecture. Let’s have a look at it below:

    • Basic classes, building block services, and often-used abstractions of the underlying base are offered through animation, painting, and gestures.
    • For handling layout, the rendering layer offers an abstraction. You may create a tree of renderable items with this layer. These items may be dynamically changed, and the tree will update its layout to reflect your modifications.
    • An abstraction of composition is the widgets layer. There is a class in the widgets layer for each render object in the rendering layer. Additionally, you may define reusable class combinations in the widgets layer. The reactive programming concept is introduced at this tier.
    • The complete control sets provided by the Material and Cupertino libraries implement the Material or iOS design languages using the composition primitives of the widget layer.

    Why Use Flutter App Development Services? 

    One codebase for all platforms: 

    When working on iOS and Android app development devices, it is not necessary to establish separate code bases. With Flutter app development, programmers can create a single codebase and utilize it on a variety of platforms, including the web, desktop, and mobile. This saves money and is an ideal platform for the MVP development process.

    Reduced Development Time: 

    Flutter application development has significantly more modest needs. The fact that there are no additional maintenance fees is thus a beneficial conclusion. Larger apps with distinctive features may be made thanks to Flutter.

    Time-to-market speed: 

    The responsiveness of the Flutter development framework’s tool is what makes it special and short time to market. Predicting whether iOS or Android versions will be able to deliver a product on time is often challenging. Flutter can help in this situation because it supports cross-platform use.

    Read the guide to create Flutter apps in 5 days to agree on why Flutter provides faster time to market. 

    Performance that is similar to native code: 

    This is one of Flutter’s benefits that really sticks out. Skia, is a graphics engine that is compatible with Flutter app development services, allowing speedy and effectively optimized development. Because it doesn’t rely on interpreters or other intermediate code representations, it is also impossible to tell it apart from native apps.

    Strong community: 

    Statista claims that Flutter is now one of the most widely used frameworks and is the framework of choice for developers all around the world. Over the past three years, more than 40% of software engineers have picked Flutter. 


    The programming language on which Flutter is built, Dart, is what attracts developers to it. It has characteristics that set it apart from other languages:

    • Flutter Widgets may be customized, and they can start up quickly because of the Ahead Of Time (AOT) compiler.
    • Just In Time (JIT) compiler, since it enables code optimization as it is being executed.

    On web platforms, Dart compiles into highly efficient JavaScript. The following phase is WebAssembly for Web app development, which will offer significantly faster execution and animation speed than previous platforms. These are just a few of the characteristics that make Dart useful for developing with Flutter.

    Excellent documentation and active community support:

    The two things that Flutter has going for it. It is simple for developers to locate resources, tutorials, and help, which makes it simpler for them to learn and resolve any problems they may run into.

    Strong industry uptake: 

    Flutter has made great progress and is currently being adopted by a number of well-known businesses, including Google, Alibaba, Tencent, and others. Because of its rising popularity, Google and the Flutter community will continue to support and improve it.

    While these are some major reasons to pick Flutter, one must remember “No tool is perfect” therefore when understanding the runabouts of the platform. Do ask your app development company to also brief you about the challenges to always remain a step ahead of your competitors. 

    Things you should know before hiring a Flutter App Development Company

    Even if you lack technological literacy, you may simply employ the top-tier flutter app development services available on the market that will perform best for your demands provided you bear the following in mind:

    • Make sure to review the prospective company’s portfolio.
    • The Existence Of A Company
    • Offers affordable and upfront quotes
    • They Are Not Limited to Mobile app development
    • They Provide Quick And Simple Troubleshooting
    • They Understand the business processes well and are receptive to the ideas that clients may present.

    Top Flutter App Development Company in India 2023


    A global app development company incepted in 2017, DianApps is well-known for its Flutter development services. The company uses modern techniques for every project they undertake, making them unique and exceptional from its competitors. 

    DianApps has established itself in the top 5 renowned countries including India, USA, UK, AUS, and Canada. The company accounts for a team of highly talented app developers alongside QA, Product Managers, and Business Analysts that rejuvenate the experience of app and provide quality solutions. 

    DianApps joins the top Flutter app developers of 2023 marathon. Read everything about it in the blog. 

    They have worked with many top-rated brands and have catered to 1500+ global clients that trust DianApps for all their development needs.

    2. Tech Mahindra

    They help their clients digitize their services and build solutions for digital services from the bottom up. Their Internet of Things (IoT) services are designed to deliver intelligent data, monitoring and tracking, predictive and cognitive analytics, and increased productivity.

    3. Robosoft

    With a mission to Simplify Lives, Robosoft is a full-service digital transformation firm. In product advising, design, engineering, and analytics, we provide end-to-end solutions. In collaboration with businesses, Robosoft creates enjoyable, user-friendly digital experiences that increase brand preference. RoboSoft is a division of TechnoPro Holdings, Japan, a top provider of technological solutions valued at $1.5 billion and traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

    4. HCL Tech

    One of the top software development companies is HCL Tech. The objectives of your business are understood, and a quick ramp-up is provided to quickly identify your needs and solutions. This expedites your time to market while reducing risk and needing no lock-ins.

    5. Datamatics

    A global leader in digital solutions, technology, and business process management, Datamatics offers data-driven companies smart solutions to boost productivity and improve customer satisfaction. The Datamatics offering, which uses an entirely digital approach, includes Big Data & Analytics, Business Process Management, Engineering Services, and Information Technology Services. 

    6. Mphasis

    Mphasis is on developing an IoT and blockchain-integrated solution for automated administration in the insurance industry. Your cross-platform app development projects may benefit from their professional and diversified team of Flutter app developers, who can work with you to design the best and quickest solution.

    7. Globant

    Globant is a digitally-native business that assists enterprises in self-reinvention to go ahead and realize their full potential. They are the intersection of engineering, design, and invention on a large scale. They work for organizations like Google, Rockwell Automation, Electronic Arts, and Santander, among others, and have more than 25,924 people. They are present in 21 countries. Additionally, Harvard, MIT, and Stanford used us as a case study in their business programs.

    8. Infosys

    The global Indian corporation Infosys Limited offers outsourcing, information technology, and business consulting services. Infosys is the second-largest Indian IT firm after TCS. The company operates 123 development centers and 82 sales and marketing offices globally.

    9. SunTec

    A multi-process IT outsourcing firm called SunTec provides a full range of services for digital marketing, ePublishing, mobile, online, and data solutions. SunTec has established a reputation for providing quantifiable business outcomes and strong values to its clients and has achieved certification for quality management systems. 

    10. HData Systems

    HData Systems is an Indian data science company that employs analytical techniques to assist companies improve their performance and efficiency. The company provides a variety of services including the creation of native apps for Flutter and React Native app development, big data analytics, data science, AI, and machine learning.


    That’s it! We’ve given you our best out of the best Flutter app development company in India. Now it’s upon you how you choose them. Our best bet is to contact each company individually and know about their work culture, portfolios, testimonials, employee strengths, etc, to find your answers well. 

    We believe that after reading this, you have a better grasp of what Flutter app development is and how it can help your company. The Flutter framework is still a relatively young technology that programmers use to create apps. 

    But it has increasingly overtaken software programmers’ hearts at an unheard-of rate, becoming their first option for many. Compared to its closest rivals, Flutter is more affordable, more user-friendly, and more accessible. From our perspective, Flutter is worth a shot, and our team will be watching its development and growth very closely.

    Why hire flutter developers from DianApps in 2023? Here are all the good reasons! 

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