TP-Link Extender Not Connecting to 5GHz? Let’s Fix!

    Without a doubt, it can be stated that TP-Link range extenders are amazing networking devices. That is why, people go for a TP Link extender setup to complete their online tasks and satiate the hunger for a blazing-fast internet connection throughout the house. All this is possible because of the dual-band functionality housed by these range extenders. You might be well aware of the two bands on which WiFi extenders run i.e. 2.4GHz and 5GHz. In order to extract the maximum performance from the extender, it is necessary that it connects to both bands. If the TP-Link extender not connecting to 5GHz band situation shows up, then it can be annoying. To cope up with this, we have jotted down a few techniques here. Walk through them and learn how to resolve the issue.

    Solution: TP-Link Extender Not Connecting to 5GHz

    1. Reduce the Gap Between Devices

    The TP-Link range extender might be denying connecting to the 5GHz frequency band because of too much distance from the router. If you deeply look at the concept of working of frequency bands, then you will come to know that the 5GHz frequency band has a lower range than 2.4GHz. However, it offers a great speed. Therefore, it means that if you want your extender to get connected to the 5GHz band, you need to reduce its distance from the host gateway (router).

    Try to place both of your devices in the same room if possible. Additionally, you need to ensure that this distance does not decimate. Otherwise, problems may increase instead of getting fixed.

    Quick Tip: A network glitch can also affect your extender’s tendency to get connected to the 5GHz band of the router. Thus, you should also attempt to restart the extender and router to do away with the problem in discussion.

    1. Check the Ethernet Connection

    It is not always the distance that prevents your extender from getting connected to the 5GHz frequency band of the router. Sometimes, it’s all the fault of the cable holding a direct connection between these two devices. Perhaps, the cable joining these devices is damaged or is not connected properly. Why don’t you check it yourself then?

    Have a close look at the Ethernet connection between your TP Link extender and the main router. You are suggested to use another LAN cable as a substitute if the current one is found faulty (damaged or fragmented). Apart from this, take care of the fact that only a finger-tight Ethernet connection will help you with smooth network transmission. Furthermore, the connection of the LAN cable to the correct ports of the devices is of utmost importance.

    1. Upgrade the Firmware

    An outdated firmware of the extender has the capability to do more than your expectations. The issue that we’re currently trying to resolve can also be an outcome of the same. Therefore, you are suggested to install the latest firmware version on your range extender. For this, first of all, download the firmware file that matches the model number of the extender.

    After that, access the URL and log in to the extender using valid admin details. Once you get logged in to the repeater, navigate to the Firmware Update section and upload the firmware file that you’ve just downloaded. Now, check if the TP-Link extender not connecting to 5GHz band issue has been resolved or not.

    1. Reset the Extender

    If reducing the extender-router gap, replacing the Ethernet cable, or upgrading the firmware fails to work in your favor, then you are suggested to reset TP-Link extender. You can do this by pressing the Reset button.

    The button is supposed to be pressed for at least 30 seconds and that too with the help of a pointed object. After the extender resets, you can set it up again with the help of the default IP address.

    The Conclusion

    That’s all about what to do if the TP-Link extender doesn’t connect to the 5GHz band. We are hopeful that you will be able to resolve the issue easily using the techniques shared here.

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