Transforming the Gaming Industry with Web3 Gaming Platform

    Web3.0 is the most widespread term used by technologists nowadays. This is the latest form of internet service that is created by applying the decentralized blockchain. It has existed for quite some time now but the buzz around this much-anticipated platform is now being heard in full swing.Web3 is endorsed as the upcoming future of the internet. It will take nearly a decade to completely implement this technology. Since it makes use of the shared ledger systems, therefore, P2E gaming platform has taken a decent plunge into the digital culture.

    Tech enthusiasts are of the opinion that Web3 is here to revolutionize the internet by offering a customized web browsing experience. Now, how it will be possible can be clearly seen in this article. Stay tuned!

    It is clearly perceived that Web3 has found its most accessible and receptive patrons in the puddle of the gaming industry. Web3 Gaming is becoming a desirable platform to assimilate the users and make them a part of maverick gaming studios. To get into the nitty-gritty, let’s start with the basics!

    What is Web3 Gaming?

    Web3 Gaming is the type of decentralized gaming where the entire possession of the gaming assets in the ecosystem doesn’t have any control by any chief authority. This proves as a significant advantage in this field. Because in the traditional form of Gaming, the players had no right whatsoever in the gaming-related digital assets. The license corresponding to the in-game content is kept with the game operators.

    The web3 games are more independent as compared to the traditional ones. They give the players the much-needed voice or authority to convey their viewpoint. The most important advancement that it has created is the conversion from pay to play to straightforward play-to-earn by providing trading assets. Now, one can enjoy playing games while earning in cryptocurrencies. It is a viable and trustworthy digital market for the gaming realm. The burgeoning of the gaming platform requires coordination and apt connection between various blockchain platforms.

    After gathering ample information about Web3 Gaming, it’s time to analyze its features;

    Characteristics of Web3 Gaming

    This web gaming is a unique gaming framework where enthusiasts take part in trading and owning gaming assets in NFT form. Some of its most important features are illustrated as under;

    Former Game Integration 

    The fascinating attribute of this platform is to intermingle and enhance the previous gaming structures into blockchain platforms and metaverse. This remodeling is done to that players can make their avatars and trade in their favorite in-game assets and collectibles. This is done by putting forward the most admired old games by outstretching them to the metaverse.

    Crystal Clear Gaming 

    The fundamental of such a type of gaming is the distributed procedure. Here, the games are announced on the blockchain, thereby making it an unhackable platform. There is a significant volume of voting concord that helps in altering the whole gaming operation. There is absolutely no room for any delinquency, i.e., seamless design integration with proper implementation. Every bit of information is available to the players, and the details are attainable to every member participating in the network. This thing guarantees an advanced level of transparency and clarity. 

    Ownership and Interoperability

    This is the best feature of this platform, where the gaming collectibles are fully owned by the players. All these assets are obtainable in the form of virtual NFTs.Whenever the player requires to leave a specific platform and shift towards the other one, none of the assets are lost. This reassures that the ownership remains in the hands of the players, and switching between platforms becomes convenient. That’s the amazing part, as one can switch to the upcoming gaming platform without fail, conveying interoperability.

    Player-Steered Gaming

    The beneficial part of web gaming is that the environment required is well customized. The ecosystem is developed according to the personal preference of the players. Besides this, the main inclination of the players at the moment is to receive capital from playing. The P2E gaming platform allows earning huge profits through their gaming collectibles. Another eccentric thing is to allow the players to play their treasured games on the metaverse. This employs much larger independence that is favorable for the players.

    Meager Disruption

    This gaming ecosystem is well equipped with advanced facilities. There is the application of block minting with high data storage capability. Due to such standards being maintained, the service cost is negligible, and any authority shows no interference. So this allows for the smooth running of the ecosystems that make it supremely reliable, scalable, and manageable.

    What are the reasons behind its popularity?

    Right now, Web3 is enjoying being a part of the thriving industry. This new version of the internet is in-demand because it’s open and secure and inadvertently supports accuracy and credibility. It is more resilient and adaptable, which allows it to be one step ahead of the presently available version.

    Along with this, the Web3 rumble has resulted in the asset investment and the expertise cascading into the crypto startups. Web 1.0 was limited to static content, Web 2.0 led to the dynamic one, and now Web3.0 is all in all based on the decentraland applications. A lot of effort has been put into making this platform a hit one. The big tech firms like Twitter and Reddit have an edge nearer to starting implementing the Web3-based projects.

    The below statistics show how it has become a hot topic in the technology field.

    • Cryptocurrency is in the nascent stages, but its popularity has made it a household name. Every tech expert is well aware of this platform. The total market capitalization of the Web3 networks is nearly around $27.5 billion. When it comes to the Web 3.0 Metaverse crypto networks, there is still a huge void that is left in its growth. This needs to be fully explored. 

    As we look at the three tech giants, Google, Facebook, and Amazon, their combined market capitalization is approximately $14.8 trillion. So, this value is substantial as compared to the Web 3.0 Metaverse crypto networks. This means Web3 is not traversed enough and whatever research is done is merely like a drop in the ocean. It would not be wrong to state that there is enormous space left for the growth in the Web 3.0 Metaverse and that is possible only through heavy investments.

    • There have been about 400+ startups that provide their web 3.0 facilities and have acquired $4.5 billion of funding. For something that is still in its beginning stage is just astounding. These staggering figures are enough to state that investors are distancing themselves from the antique web models. They are open to adopting fresh models and a high-octane approach to be available for the audiences accessible on the internet.

    The credence of the venture capitalists and the stakeholders has shown true conviction in building up decentralized applications and websites. It accounts for customers’ paramount ingenious techniques that are not managed by a single entity; rather, it holds a distributed network among independent users.

    The objective is to build an increased open-source internet to optimize its current state.

    Advantages of Web3 Gaming

    Web3 has added a great charm to decentralization and its gaming outlook. The possession of the in-game collectibles shows excellent potential in this domain. These points are just the tip of the iceberg; the following is the list that attributes the advantages of this phenomenal gaming platform. 

    Before moving further, let’s have some understanding of the KPIs for Gaming that also serves as the advantages:

    Key performance indicators (KPIs) for Gaming

    To begin with the development procedure of Web3 Gaming, more emphasis is laid on maintaining the four primary indicators that gauge the performance of the application or website. 

    Installation: The essential thing that holds great power is the installation of the device on various platforms. There should be no inaccuracy faced during the installation process. Also, a deeper insight should be shared on how much cost per installation for the user should be required. Everything should be maintained in equilibrium and stability to have enhanced performance.

    As the number of players increases, it shows the increased installation. Moreover, in the modern gaming platform, the community of players has no limits. As soon as the game gets launched, the community starts to expand exponentially.

    User Engagement: When the application is built, it is for the users. If users are not getting enticed, then there is absolutely no gain in building the one. It’s quite significant to gather impressions related to the funnel conversion rate and engross the audience and maintain balance in the customer application lifecycle funnel.

    The absorption of the users is the key element. It can be increased by allowing them to play for more duration. On the contrary, in conventional gaming, when the game ends, the user also departs. There are several activities that are employed by modern gaming platforms to keep them engrossed even if they are not playing.

    Retention of Users: The user captivity is amazing, but the succeeding thing that is directly proportional to the conversion is the user withholding.If the users are getting attracted to the designed application, but for a shorter span of time, then it is of no use. So, great weightage is put on user retention. Such type of attributes should be included that compel them to not leave the platform at any cost.

    The factor that has contributed a lot here is the UGC (user-generated content). It means that the players do not just absorb the game but also use some sort of creativity by applying their imagination. This allows for the production of fresh content all the time.

    For instance: The first one is Creating Skins (here, the developers build the game’s economy and artists are able to monetize them) and Creating Mods  (here, programmers use proper skills to add great value in the form of the latest gameplay)

    Revenue: With more users, more profit is generated by the concerned platform. This will lead to incredible revenue generation. It corresponds to the company’s success against the set target and objectives. The revenue consists of net profit, eliminating the chief expenses and the contemporary liquidity availability.

    With effective profit generation, the development team gets enough time to diversify their functionalities. This is done by guaranteeing top-class quality to the users by initiating new gaming titles. This will help in retaining more users and thereby enhancing the revenue flow.


    Web3 development company Dubai is the imminent evolution of the internet. It has all the potential to optimize and modernize the gaming experience for users. The industry pundits are of the idea that the in-game assets hold startling utility surpassing the game. There are unique gaming patterns with an inventive blockchain framework that measures user behavior choices.

    If you want to develop an excellent Web3 gaming platform, we at Suffesscom Solutions will help you facilitate top-notch services from scratch.

    Reach out to our experts to avail of the services!

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