Web Development Companies in Birmingham

    Birmingham Web Development is a vital component of any digital marketing strategy. It allows businesses to reach their customers at any time of day through their desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

    Thrive Internet Marketing Agency provides mobile-first web design that ensures your website will look the same across all devices. This will increase your site’s traffic and boost its ROI.


    Appcentric is a web development Birmingham firm that prioritizes client relationships throughout every phase of the development process. Their team consists of experienced developers who are passionate about creating functional, beautiful websites. The company offers a variety of services including SEO, web design, and social media marketing.

    The small firm is headquartered in Birmingham, UK, and has more than 10 employees. They specialize in digital strategy, ERP consulting and SI, web development, ux/ui design, and mobile application development.

    The team of experts at Appcentric was able to complete all their tasks on time and exceeded the client’s expectations. Their transparency and effective communication through virtual meetings, email, and messages were key to this success. They also took a collaborative approach and were willing to adapt to the client’s changing requirements. This is a great testament to their professionalism and integrity.

    Develo Design

    A website is an important tool for a business. It asserts professionalism and enables visitors to learn more about the company. It also increases traffic and helps businesses stand out from competitors. However, a poorly designed site can be a turnoff for potential customers.

    KSB Technologies is a firm based in Birmingham, United Kingdom with more than 20 employees. Their team specializes in software development, web development, and IT managed services. They serve clients from various industries and have extensive experience in the field.

    Verse is a user experience company that offers ux/ui design and email marketing. They recently helped a client redesign their D2C e-commerce website. The project included analyzing the current UX, creating a journey map, and implementing the requested functions. They also analyzed the client’s competitive landscape. They provided the client with a comprehensive report and recommendations.

    Crazy Pumpkin

    Crazy Pumpkin is a web design Birmingham and development company that provides high-quality apps for small businesses. It offers a variety of packages for different types of projects. They also offer maintenance and support. Their prices are affordable, and their team members have a strong focus on quality code. They use a professional communication process, including Slack and Telegram messengers, and Google Meet for project management. The app they built for a deep foundation testing company received a good reception from users. They also completed the task in 30% less time than expected. The client was pleased with the work they did and plans to continue working with them.

    Magin Web Design

    Founded in 2020, Accentuate Ltd is a firm located in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Their small team specializes in web design, pay per click, search engine optimization, and more. They recently developed an e-commerce website for a mortgage and life insurance company. Their work included ongoing maintenance and Google reviews integration.

    The String is a design and technology studio. Their team of less than ten employees works on branding, app development, web design and development, and digital strategy projects for businesses. The String also provides SEO services and IT managed services for mid-market firms. The company has offices in New York, London, and Shanghai. The studio has become a trendsetter in the design industry, with clients including Moschino and H&H. They are also known for their YouTube channel, Stink Studios. They have a profile strength of 1, which is low.

    The String

    The String is an incredibly powerful tool for web developers, and has a large number of methods available to it. Some of these methods are quite complex, but others are simple and easy to understand at a basic level. For example, the slice() method takes a string variable as its first parameter, and extracts the characters from that point up to (but not including) the last character. This can be useful for things like validating usernames that users enter into a form.

    The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO) is looking for violin, viola, and cello players to take part in their new Career Accelerator programme. This long-term paid programme will offer five early-career string musicians performance, training and development opportunities to kickstart their careers in orchestral performance. This scheme is supported by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and the Foyle Foundation.

    Accentuate Ltd

    Located in Birmingham, England, Accentuate Ltd is a small firm that offers web design, search engine optimization, pay per click, and digital strategy. Their team of experts can help businesses optimize their web presence and increase recurring revenue. They also offer SEO and social media marketing services to increase customer engagement.

    Founded in 2019, KSB Technologies is a custom software development firm with a team of less than 50 employees. They provide web development, IT strategy consulting, ERP consulting and SI, and mobile app development to mid-market and enterprise firms.

    A mortgage and life insurance company hired the agency to develop a new website. The team created a WordPress site and integrated Google reviews. They also provided ongoing maintenance and support. The company’s recurring revenue has increased since the project’s completion. They are now looking to expand their offerings.


    Located on New Oxford Street, Ballyhoo is a new bar that brings vibrancy and fun times to the West End. This sister venue to Cargo and The Shoreditch offers drinks, good food, and non-pretentious vibes.

    InfoRox, a web & app development firm, is based in Birmingham, UK, with a team of less than 10 experts. They provide custom software development, IT managed services, e-commerce development, and website development solutions for mid-market and enterprise firms.

    ESterling, a website design company, was founded in 1990. They offer a wide range of web-related services, including SEO, e-commerce development, pay per click, and ux/ui design. They helped a client revamp their website and improve their online presence. They also provided branding services and SEO consulting. Their work included a blog, logo, and brochures. They have since expanded their services to include social media management and marketing.

    Fast Fwd Multimedia Ltd

    Fast Fwd Multimedia Ltd is a premium digital agency that offers a variety of online marketing services. Its team is creative, strategically savvy, tech knowledgeable, and commercially conscious. They also have a high level of professionalism and commitment to their clients.

    Located in Birmingham, United Kingdom, KSB Technologies is a small web development company founded in 2007. Their team of experts works on the design and development of mobile apps and websites. They helped a houseware firm develop an MVP and performed user research to understand the client’s UX needs.

    InfoRox is a software development and IT consulting company that serves mid-market businesses. They offer web development, IT managed services, and search engine optimization and have a small team of less than 10 people. They recently redesigned a client’s website and created an email marketing campaign to promote their brand.

    PingPong Digital

    PingPong Digital Marketing Birmingham is a small firm that offers social media marketing, web development, e-commerce development, public relations and more. Founded in 2013, they have offices in Birmingham, UK; London, UK; Shanghai, China and Brooklyn, NY. They specialize in Chinese marketing for higher education institutions, having worked with over 50 global universities including Purdue, Columbia, and Harvard.

    Rockstar Marketing is a marketing agency in Birmingham, UK that provides SEO services. They have a team of fewer than 10 employees and serve clients in various industries. They helped an e-commerce home and garden company increase their clickthrough rate by making changes to their Google AdWords campaigns.

    ESterling is a small e-commerce development firm located in Birmingham, UK. Founded in 1990, they offer e-commerce development, search engine optimization, pay per click and more. They helped a fitness equipment retailer increase traffic to their site by performing website analysis and optimizing existing campaigns.

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