What is the CAGR for the kiteboarding equipment market ?


    A steerable kite is used to surface on a body of water with a strong current in the sport of kiteboarding. The athlete is being pulled by a massive kite as they stand up on a surfboard. The market for kiteboarding gear is developing as adventure sports become more and more well-liked worldwide. In nations with significant bodies of water, kiteboarding is a well-liked pastime.

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    Market Size & Overview

    One of the main factors fueling the growth of the kiteboarding equipment market over the next few years, according to this analysis, is the introduction of novel products that increase user safety. Additionally, the advent of online courses, celebrity involvement in the sport, social media’s impact on stoking enthusiasm among young kiteboarders, and an increase in e-commerce sales will all contribute to significant market demand.

    In the forecast period of 2022 to 2029, the kiteboarding equipment market is anticipated to develop at a growth rate of 10.20% and aim to reach an approximate value of 803.55 million. Data Bridge Market Research conducts an analysis of the variables promoting the market expansion for kiteboarding equipment.

    Global Kiteboarding Equipment Market Scope 

    • The development of the worldwide kiteboarding equipment market will be fueled by the introduction of novel products that improve end-user safety. Vendors are releasing new kiteboarding accessories including bars, locks, harnesses, kites, and boards that are safer and more user-friendly than more traditional accessories.
    •  For instance, the Click-In Loop release mechanism from OZONE is built on the same idea as seat belt locks in automobiles.
    • The business has created a straightforward and clear Click-In function that makes activation and reloading very simple. By simply clicking in the loop, the self-positioning release mechanism locates itself and is prepared to be reloaded. This Click-In Loop helps prevent tragic mishaps for kiteboarders by providing a flag out in practically all circumstances. Riders get used to it after using it for a while.
    •  Their reaction time is improved and saved by this ground-breaking technique. Additionally, it may be configured in either expert or regular mode. Thus, throughout the projected period, the aforementioned factors are anticipated to fuel market expansion.

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    Kiteboarding’s high cost and corresponding dangers are impeding demand growth

    Kiteboarding is thought to be a risky activity. The adoption of kiteboarding gear has been delayed by the high number of fatalities and drownings that have happened while kiteboarding.

    The effects of escalating climate change are also likely to impede market expansion. The sport of kiteboarding is also very pricey. Safety equipment is unreasonably expensive for individuals to purchase. This specific aspect makes individuals less likely to choose kiteboarding, which inevitably slows the expansion of the worldwide market.

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