Which Cpu Cooling Fan is Best? Cold Knowledge of Cpu Radiator!

    Today, the editor will share with you about the radiator in the computer host. The radiator is an unknown computer host accessory. Generally, as long as the computer is running normally and does not crash or automatically shut down, we will not touch it. Today, I will share with you the cold knowledge of the CPU cooling fan.

    Fan Blades Odd or Even

    It is estimated that many friends have not paid special attention to the blades of the fan. Count the blades of your fan carefully to see if they are odd or even?

    Even-numbered blade designs were often seen in radiator fans in the past, and the fan blades are opposite to each other.

    This kind of fan has been used for a long time, for example, if the blades are worn or accumulated too much dust, the center of gravity will easily shift, so that the fan will have problems such as increased fan noise and poor rotation.

    The recent fans basically use an odd number of blades, and the center of gravity is determined by all the blades at the same time.

    Even if some fan blades are worn or dusty, the deviation of the center of gravity is relatively small, and of course the noise is much smaller.

    Therefore, the editor recommends that when you buy a radiator, you may wish to count the number of blades first, and try to choose a product with an odd number of blades. 

    At the same time, the shape of the fan blades is also very particular, you can pay attention to it. Generally speaking, high-speed fans should choose blades with radians and swept back, because they are more suitable for high-speed rotation and lower noise.

    Straight fan blades are more suitable for low-speed fans, and their air-blowing coverage is larger, especially suitable for use on the top of the chassis, notebook stands, etc. Save with Laptops Direct Discount Code NHS.

    The use of multiple fans in processors and graphics card coolers is a development trend, but many friends may not have thought that if used improperly, multiple fans may not be able to greatly improve the cooling capacity.

    But may cause particularly obvious problems such as vibration and noise. On some multi-fan graphics cards, we can see counter-rotating or different-sized fan configurations, which can avoid resonance problems and reduce vibration and noise.

    As shown in the figure below: GIGABYTE AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti adopts the design of counter-rotating fans in the middle to avoid resonance.

    How about a vertical radiator? Do you want to start

    There are still some CPU coolers that use vertical heat sinks and need to install their own fans. The editor recommends that you also use the installation method of rotating in different directions during installation.

    Which can also avoid resonance problems and reduce vibration and noise. In addition, the fan facing the side of the memory should choose the suction mode.

    Which can suck away the dust near the memory as much as possible, and reduce the poor contact caused by the accumulation of dust here.

    What is the difference between the 3 pins and 4 pins of the radiator power jack?

    The current PC fans mainly have two power connectors, 3-pin and 4-pin respectively. The extra pins of the 4-pin connector are mainly used to transmit some control signals.

    Such as judging whether there is a fan installed on this connector, transmitting fan speed information and control signals, etc.

    The independent detection and control capabilities of the 4-pin interface fan are more accurate and safer than the 3-pin interface. Therefore, if the price difference is not much different, it is recommended that you choose a 4-pin fan product.

    At present, almost all the common cooling fans on the market can be used on the same platform, but it should be noted that there are products like the old “Anti-Humanity 400

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    What Laptop cooler is Good

    In summer, heat dissipation is an eternal theme. As human beings, we will blow air conditioners and fans to relieve the high temperature, so when enjoying the cool air, don’t forget that the computer next to you also needs heat dissipation.

    A CPU cooler is one of the necessary accessories in today’s computer, and it plays a very important role in the performance of the system. There are so many brands of coolers in the market that it is really confusing.

    How to choose a suitable CPU What about the radiator? What laptop cooler is good Shop now using eBay Discount Code NHS at NHSDiscountCode.

    Radiator Type

    It is still necessary to have a basic understanding of it. At present, there are mainly two types of feasible CPU heat dissipation methods, one is liquid heat dissipation, and the other is air-cooled heat dissipation.

    Liquid cooling includes water cooling, oil cooling, etc. Mainly water cooling, and air cooling is the most common heat dissipation method in which an electric fan is embedded on a heat sink.

    There are most types and are commonly used by everyone. The advantage of a water-cooled radiator is its outstanding heat dissipation effect. At present, there are few air-cooled radiators that can match it, but it has a fatal flaw: safety issues.

    Although many water-cooled radiators claim to be leak-free, no one can guarantee it. Don’t leak, as long as there is a leak, your machine will be over.

    In addition, the water-cooled radiator is relatively troublesome. Because a large tank is required, and a patient and meticulous installation is required.

    The heat dissipation effect of air-cooled radiators is not as good as that of water-cooled radiators. But because of its safe use and light installation.

    It has always been the first choice of radiators for the majority of computer players. Just choose Best Products the one that suits you.

    The air-cooled radiator consists of two parts, one is the heat sink, and the other is the cooling fan. People usually refer to air-cooled radiators as electric fans for short. It seems that the quality of electric fans is the key to air-cooled radiators.

    In fact, heat sinks cannot be ignored, and they also play a very important role. There are three basic methods of heat transfer: conduction, convection, and radiation. The heat sink of the CPU radiator must be close to the CPU.

    The way to transfer heat is conduction; the cooling fan brings cold air and takes away the hot air. Which is convection; the heat sink with a temperature higher than the air heats the air on all sides.

    From the process of heat transfer, it is not difficult to see that in order to make the heat dissipation effect outstanding, it is necessary to ensure that these three methods of heat transfer are fast and effective.

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